From UKIP’s formation in 1993 up to Brexit and Nigel Farage’s resignation in 2016, here is a mixture of Farage’s best speeches, debates and arguments between the likes of Blair and Brown to his infamous ‘Damp rag’ comment.

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  1. Look Tony Blair who finger pointing and said to Nigel “you do not represent this country.” then laughed. At this moment we all know who isn’t truly represent this country. It’s not Nigel, it’s yourself Tony (B)lair.

  2. Dear Nigel, sadly you are needed more than ever. We are being led by donkeys, in times where we need to be led by a lion.
    You must return to the fight, to save the nation from HEĹL!
    PLEASE come back and finish the job.!

  3. And now here we are, some two years later, still dealing with EUrophile corrupt self serving globalists trying to rip apart our vote to leave any which way they can.
    I foresee riots and massive unrest on the horizon, this could all be avoided if the government simply give the British people what they voted for.

  4. Blair is so arrogant. He could not fight farage's arguments. He just used a personal attack. Brown was a disaster out chancellor. Farage tells the truth but people don't like the truth. Tough! I like the truth.

  5. European union is Mafia and WICKED Gangsters and Evil Empire and Gangsters extorting huge amount of money from Europe countries who foolishly give them large amounts of money for no reason

  6. European countries are doomed because of their foolishness of rejecting God and Bible and God's curse appears to be upon them in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing but invaders and freeloaders and rapist and fanatic who bombed the club's intolerant and barbaric and breed like rabbits and will over take the European countries very soon