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Not a Word Has Changed in the Withdrawal Agreement, Says Peterson Institute’s Kirkegaard

Not a Word Has Changed in the Withdrawal Agreement, Says Peterson Institute’s Kirkegaard

Mar.11 — Jacob Kirkegaard, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute of International Economics, discusses Brexit negotiations and the new instrument being drafted regarding the Irish backstop. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. If a deal can't be agreed to, which benefits Britain and it's people, then we'll crash out of the EU on 29th March, which is the same as a no deal……………We're leaving, end of.

  2. The EU will be fine without a deal. With the last draft the EU gave more then they had to and this ungratefull bastard slanders them over it. We speak again after no deal Brexit when the EU has to organize food deliveries so the British won't starve like a third world country all because of their damn pride and xenophobia.

  3. Britain has always been able to leave the EC ever since 2016, and 'no deal' or WTO Brexit is the default position of the majority. So a WTO Brexit is the best case scenario, not the worst as this guy in Washington asserts.
    Summary – that guy is anti-Brexit, Bloomberg probably are too, neither are British so it doesnt matter, but some things he says are useful clarifications. Ultimately the British Government will decide, not the EC. The government are Remain. And have to do all they can to sabotage the popular demand to leave. They've planned in advance to isolate May, then hold votes for or against her, so that she loses, while twisting the decision points so that voting against May results in EC-remainer policy.

  4. Interesting Bloomberg don't discuss unilateral free trade on a no deal basis which is the best option. Possibly because it would disrupt their globalist clubs far too much. I would love to see what this gentleman would have said was the UKs fate before leaving the ERM. I'm sure he would have spouted the same foreign investor clap trap.

  5. REVOKE ARTICLE 50 before leaving day. The EU President and court say we can. Teresa May says we can REVOKE ARTICLE 50.
    They say things will go back to how they were before all this happened.
    We can retry when and if we want to later on. REVOKE ARTICLE 50 before leave day.

  6. WTO = Worst Tarrifs Out there (Even an acronym won't help the Brexiters understand)
    WTO = Wankers Take Over (Brexit fun for all!)

    WTO = Weakened UK Trashed by Others (Brexiters shame, Brexiters gain)
    WTO = World's Twats Overspill (too cerebral for Brexiters?)

    I D S = Irritable Defunkt Sheister
    I D S = Idiot: Don't Scrutinise

    I D S = Inimitably Dumbass Super-cretin
    I D S = Idiotic Doo Doo Sharp-Shooter

    I D S = Isn't Devilishly Smart
    I D S = I Daresay Shitforbrains

    Nigel Farage, look what you've fookin' done
    Destroyed Britain just for a bit of fun
    To end movement for us all
    Stay inside our wall
    Except for his wife and kids
    (They're German, after all.)

    He got cross inside 'is carriage,
    Funnier, when he's rhymed with 'Garridge'
    'e don't like those forrin' voices
    'e don't want those forrin' choices
    He's Ok mate with a pint and a pack
    of his favourite booze and fags

    E R G = Ever so slightly to the Right of Ghengis Khan
    E R G = Each, a silver spooned Recalcitrant Git
    E R G = Erstwhile Remorseless Gentleman wolves in sheep's clothing

    E R G = Evil Racist Gloaters (with 'me first' tendencies)
    E R G = Every Rotten Graceless act of self-interest
    E R G = Environmental Respect Gone (like the rain-forests)

    E R G = Economics Rapes Goodness (for bundles cash without ethics)
    E R G = Earwig-like Research Goons (of the far right, intent on self-interest)
    E R G = Earnest Religious Gang (in me first, un-ironic money-grabbing fervour)

    E R G = Eschew, Repeal, Grab the loot
    E R G = Evade the rules, Rape the weak, Gain with a savvy smile
    E R G = Eat all you can, Ruin that which slows you, Grab the loot

    E R G = Everyone for themselves and surely Remainers if there was more Gold in remaining
    E R G = Eventually, Remainers will be shown to be right but the gold will be Gone.
    E R G = Every Resource Goes (under the hammer for easy cash)

    D U P = Disingenuously Underestimating Peace
    D U P = Deliberately, Undermining Pragmatism

    D U P = Diligently, Uber-religious Partisans
    D U P = Dumbass, Unfriendly Patriots?

    D U P = Dreadful Underhand Party-poopers
    D U P = Death-cult, Unconditionally Po-faced

  7. All democracy loving people throughout the world are happy because once again the British Parliament rejected the treasonous PM May's appeasement to the Wardens of the Fourth Reich (EE) that history might prove that it could have more dire consequences than the disgraceful and infamous Munich Appeasement on the 30th of September of 1938 by the British and the French leaders. We no longer need our lives to be controlled by the Wardens of the EU (Fourth Reich) who the only thing they know is how to cast democracy to the ground. Now that these Wardens successfully threw democracy to the ground they rule by diktats like Hitler, Mussolini, etc.! The British and French leaders appeased the dictators, Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini and we did not have peace but this appeasement lead to the greatest crime in human history, and that is WWII!

    I genuinely feel sorry for you because PM May and the Remainders have become victims of the EU deadly propaganda machine. However, to the freedom loving people, the British MPs' rejected the toxic propaganda that comes out from the Fourth Reich along with its scaremongering tactics who Dr. Goebbels use them in such a deadly way! The EU propaganda machine has its roots in one of the most lethal propaganda machines devised by human beings. This deadly propaganda machine is Herr Josef Goebbels's propaganda machine. The Josef Goebbels propaganda machine was so capable and fatal that it transformed ordinary German citizens into eager soldiers to carry out Hitler's war of aggression against other independent nations. It also transformed ordinary Germans into murderers of the grand scale that industrialized murder by the construction of the murder factories that six million of our innocent brothers and sisters the Jews vanished in these murder factories along with many more millions. The basic paradigm of Dr. Goebbels's is to say the same lie over and over again, and people will believe the lie!


    Honorable British MEP Nigel Farage, Honorable MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, Mr. Rodney Atkinson and all my other Brexiteers friends happy New Year of 2019 and happy Liberty day of the 29th of March 2019!

    First I thank you for your outstanding contribution to the cause of freedom! I am deeply indebted to you for all your exceptional and selfless efforts for liberty. Now, I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your families. Let's hope that the traitors and the appeasers do not stop you from breaking out from the EU Prison and its Wardens Mr. Juncker, Mr. Tusk and his associate wardens, etc.! I am ecstatic about the 29th of March 2019! It will be a date that will all be proud to live through that tremendous historical event!


    We the people of the islands
    we all cherish our freedom,
    and we will never compromise it
    with the Rotten Heart of Europe!

    We the people of the islands
    will never accept the Charlemagne spirit
    nor the spirit of Napoleon
    and of Benito Mussolini!

    The spirit of Charlemagne is hovering
    over the mainland of Europe,
    and now I can see the ominous
    clouds of fascism forming!

    For these reasons, we must act
    and free ourselves from the EU Prison
    and chart our destiny
    with happiness and freedom!

    Let all the bells of freedom ring
    in Saint Paul's Cathedral
    and in the Trafalgar Square
    and in the Highlands of Scotland!

    Let all the bells of freedom ring
    in Saint Patrick's Cathedral
    and in the historic city of Tipperary
    and in the Fields of Athenry!

    By Angelo O'Klonis.

    Long live freedom and dignity! It is time to break out of the EU Prison. It is time for all the freedom loving people in Europe to chart their destiny! It is time now to say to the Warden of the EU Prison, Mr. Juncker, and all the assistant wardens in Spanish Adiós y ¡hasta luego! (In English: Goodbye and see you later!)


    I have one thing to say to you all
    and nothing else to say
    Lets all of us get drunk
    from the Eternal Wine of Freedom!

    With my most profound respect and wishes for the Year of Liberty!

    Angelo O'Klonis.
    Your supporter to your just struggle of liberation!

  8. It was always going to be a no deal. Can you not hear the EU rhetoric. How dare we vote to leave. They want us to burn in Hell do they not? There is no reasoning with people who consider themselves masters and we the slaves.

    We gave it our best shop. They chose not to budge. We leave with no deal and watch who crumbles.


  9. It's not leaving on a no deal, no such thing, it's leaving on WTO which is what is currently written in Law right now. And on the 29th of this month will come into affect.

  10. Hope the MPs won't vote for her deal no matter what Cox said there's no change and no one is going to believe she got anything back from the dictator block throw her out your party is finished the good MPs should join ukip and the rest with the labour ones should go to hell

  11. Just the normal way the eu plays the game they love ambiguity and then get their puppet courts to read it they way they want it……the British electorate legally leave on tge 29th March as per their democratic vote…what the British government does is anyone’s idea…but in the name of true democracy the electorate leave ….all three parties in the uk are despicable in their canivence to kill british democracy……the electorate won’t stand for their treason anymore 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😀🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  12. Basically the British political class are attempting to subvert the will of the people and tie the UK to the eu,the same as the media like Bloomberg scam the public will false news like this economic summary which is contradicts the reality.

  13. If they vote this through that they are consigning themselves, as members of the British parliament, to permanent irrelevance, (and they are consigning us, the British people, to permanent servitude without representation).