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OAN breaks down William Barr's first month as Attorney General

OAN breaks down William Barr's first month as Attorney General

As William Barr completes his first month as attorney general under the Trump administration, the White House is calling on him to take more action against members of the Department of Justice. One America’s Jack Posobiec has more

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  1. The investigation needs to go all the way back to when Robert Mueller was FBM Director.The FISA abuse was designed and put in motion under him and he personally corrupted the whole FBI. Everything from their salaries to the line of promotion being switched from merit and results to nepotism and money laundering. "Buy your job and bring your buddy and your brother."

  2. Thank you Mr Barr. If you knew how much this means to the ppl that our justice system is finally working and not just for the ppl but the upper class as well. One Law for all.

    Thank You
    Attorney General

  3. I think our president may have selected him on purpose because he is a dirty bush puppet. He may set him up as they have allot on him already since our president is going after the Bush gang for the 911 deep state killings and bringing down the trade center buildings. Remember light discovered darkness and what's buried can be dug up.

  4. It's time that we get bar involved in a lot of this stuff including the x c i a piece of crap garbage communist bastard that used to run it he needs to be in prison in a few others

  5. Can we sign a flipping petition for full investigations into the Meuller probe which was not legal also into the fusion GPS also into whether or not Illhan illegally came to America by marrying brother, why are none of these matters being fully investigated? why???? If they are all innocent than having proper and full investigations should be welcome by all these people!!! Nothing found on President but he is forever under investigation??? Where is the balance from Mr.William Barr??? We all need to hold Mr. Barr accountable!!!No more free passes for the DNC or Dem Congressional members and Senators!!!

  6. Jeff sessions will go down as the worst attorney general in history of the United States Department of Justice..
    Sessions would make a great principal for a Elementary School in Alabama where he is today.