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OAN EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen Prague story appears to be false

OAN EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen Prague story appears to be false

One of the biggest pieces of evidence that has been leveled against President Trump in the Russian collusion case is the allegation that his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, met with Russian agents in Prague. One America’s Jack Posobiec now has exclusive information debunking that report.

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  1. Move along…nothing to see here. Never was, never will be, no matter how the Dems try to spin it. Frankly I'm bored with the same old song and dance. Why can't they do some real work and quit all the histrionics? 😑✌❤🇺🇸

  2. Mueller has been using a scorched earth policy in his "investigation." He has uncovered no evidence of collusion, but he is ruining countless lives and families. Now the House of Representatives, unhappy it didn’t get the results for which they made us pay is doing the same thing. Going after 81 more Americans with no evidence and who are not under suspicion for ANYTHING. Some of them will probably go to jail for saying something not 100% correct to the witch hunt. When Trump is re-elected, this will go on until 2024. When will Americans have had enough?

  3. Liars liars pants on fire! Ha, they bought him with a price to lie about Trump. He looks scare, deep state can't be trusted. Everyone loved hanging out with Trump before he became President! Users, abusers, players are all trying to discredit Trump! Won't work!

  4. This Prague story was already alleged prior to Trump's election – and Cohen handed over his passport to the authorities proving he'd never left the country. It should have been debunked ages ago, but of course others had an agenda to push. On a lighter note, does Posobiec's priest hate him? That must be the biggest ash cross I've seen yet.

  5. Wow, this could have been planned way before the elections! Something out of the Manchurian candidate. These DEMONcrats almost destroyed America with Hillary, if she would have won murdering babies at birth would be the Law of the land, they would get rid of our 2nd amendment, rid of the Constitution, 70% higher taxes Nation wide, mandatory Obamacare, wide open borders, persecution against Christianity, you name it! Ohh and no Republican would ever be allowed to win ever again.

  6. It was brought out a couple of years ago, THIS Michael Cohen wasn't in Prague. He produced his passport and there was no "Russia-Russia" in it.
    Deep State got the wrong Michael Cohen.

  7. Michael Cohen perjured himself at the hearing. He stated he is NOT a liar. He is going to prison for lying to congress and I would call him on this and add to his sentence. Lawyers are so slimy.

  8. Posbiec has zero credibility after reporting based on manufactured evidence. OANN should use him exclusively for reporting the weather.
    Love OANN, hate Posbiec's work.