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OAN files $10M lawsuit against Comcast, MSNBC for libel

OAN files $10M lawsuit against Comcast, MSNBC for libel

One America News is holding Comcast and MSNBC accountable for their actions, and has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the corporations. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how Rachel Maddow’s words could soon cost her and her network a lot more than they bargained for.

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  1. And rightly so. The lame strain media need to put in their place and not just vomit what ever comes out of their mouth. Nothing hurts harder than money, When you hit their pocket books SHAM you have their attention. Rachel should be personally be held accountable too. GOOD for OAN. I just started to watch your channel and it's great.

  2. Very good. I wish it was more than 10 million though.
    I can't wait for her apology and retraction, cos otherwise comcast will be paying you guys 10 million and that will help expand your operation.
    Well done!

  3. Rachel Maddow (a so called reporter) is a horrible lesbian that does not care if she promotes false news. Maddow and NBC should be sued for 50M each! Her false/fake reporting has pissed me off more than once and is one of the reasons I no longer watch any NBC shows. I grew up watching NBC but would have to be paid to watch it sense I got older.

  4. Wrong. They are led by the deep State globalists who want to destroy America and all strong countries. And America already has socialistic programs including public school system, forcing Americans to fund abortion clinics (Planned Parenthood etc), whyarecitizensforcedto fund illegal invasion (where are the lawmakers to change the corrupt illegal system? Need to get rid of catch and release, visa lottery, and chain migration- until then the right and left side just PLAYN with ALL Americans! Then try to NOT pay property taxes! And see your home be stolen away from you by our government! That my friend is a fascist dictatorship! Sadly, America has died. Hopefully POTUS45 and others will bring it back but he also seems to want to take our rights and guns away as well as wanting to give "aid" to other countries… Meanwhile, American citizens live & die on the streets & use the streets as a toilet… I guess socialism is only acceptable if the lawmakers and politicians say it is!