This week has been filled with major headlines in the U.S. and around the world. One America’s Bobby Dupree takes us through the top stories of the week.

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  1. Far as FB goes…..they can trace where you are at any given moment of any given day….don't tell me that they can't trace the IP address of a cyber attacker… stupid does the FB people think we are anyway?

  2. Please continue to 'Stick to the News and Facts'…. especially when it's related to the reports on Brett Kavanaugh and keep the 'Journalist' opinions and predictions to yourselves, for most sound like the progressive left and Democrat talking points.

  3. I'm saddened to now realize that OAN has fallen into the hands of the deep state. On the surface you folks try to be open and honest, but listening to your hand picked short trailers and updates, it's pain fully obvious what has happened. Shame on you people.

  4. You know if Bill Cosby would just come out and tell us about the CABAL in Hollywood we would probably have mercy. He knows about their evil deeds and it goes beyond rape of Adults

  5. 📝Vote vote vote in November, we need a Huge RED WAVE to show the DEMONcrats what we think about what they did to KAVANAUGH…📝 This precedence would subject Every man in the USA to the lifelong fear of being accused of Sexual Assault, Rape, Blackmail, and a plethora of other Charges without any Actual Evidence and an account that's details have more holes then Swiss Cheese, PLEASE DON'T Let this happen to your BROTHERS, SONS, FATHERS, HUSBANDS or GRANDFATHERS… This Precedence they are trying to Set should SCARE THE HELL OUT OF EVERYBODY!!!!