Former President Barack Obama resurfaces from retirement to attack President Trump on a number of key issues, including his treatment of the media. One America’s Alex Salvi explains how Obama’s relationship with the press may not have been the way he remembers it.

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  1. Obama revisionist history. Typical of the SJWs, ignore what we did and believe what we now say we did. Obama/Hillary/Bill all wanted to stop illegals & now say they want them. MSM shows kids in cages & blame mean old Trump even though pics were taken during Obama pres. Obama spied on the press, on Trump during campaign, wire tapped allies, negotiated for hostages with Iran (against US policy to never negotiate for hostages) knowing lied about Benghazi & arrested the person who made the video he falsely blamed for attack, knew about Hillary's illegal servers & did nothing, knew about Russian election meddling & did nothing, taped trying to make a secret deal with Putin (provided he won a second term). Mocked Romney for saying US should worry about Russia, had MSM hide a picture of him with Farrakhan, and more. He's a good speaker compared to Trump, but he's far more dishonest

  2. Wow. I knew he was bad, but I didn't realize he went after the press like that. The MSM seems to love him, and cover up all his faults. Why would they do that, if he was such a jerk to them?

  3. We never heard anything oslama was doing til too late…sneaky snakey shadey was oslamas way… transparency is Trump !
    To the point where no one even new about him… grandfather was in the Navy…died in 2007…warned his family about the Muslim president corrupting USA right before he passed…I realized in 2008's election that Hussein Obama is NOT for our country…confirmed even more in 2012…he like Trump was just a lil safer than Dillary!

  4. The trouble with lies is that you have to keep lying so you don’t forget, and make it believable.
    Don’t expect much from this Oreo. It’s the stuff we don’t know that’s the worst.
    We are not an Islamic anything. The sooner we rid it of them and communist.
    The sooner we can get back to a more peaceful nation.
    Its hard to work when people are lying and stealing from you, twisting the
    the truth in everything, feeding young minds theirs there trash.

  5. Did Obama actually think he would get away with this speach of endless lies. We are not dumb democrats who are gullible hate mongers. Republicans do their homework. Obama, you sir are a manipulate treasonous criminal.

  6. Obama is back in the news and it more smiles and lies. In what should be a consideration for "Hypocrite of the Year" Obama goes on the air criticizing President Trump's treatment of the press (which in fact is the "fake news" mainstream news outlets like CNN and MSNBC and not all news outlets) while then President Obama and his administration did much, MUCH worse to the press during his term in office. Again Obama, the Democrats and the Left depend on their followers having a short, short term memory and no access to the truth. Well done OAN. This dose of truth can help to clear up some people's short turn memory! The only way to cause real change is to vote Republican UP & DOWN the ballot when ever you vote and no RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) #WalkAway #DeathofaNation #Blacks4Trump

  7. A seriously sad state of affairs. Mr Obama had all the chance and opportunities in the world to make an impact whilst being the First citizen, but didn’t. President Trump has been good for the American people with unselfish motives. I mean your economy grew. 10000’s of jobs created. America haven’t look this good in a very very long time. I salute the USA and its WH. God bless the USA

  8. Whenever someone is in the public spotlight, they are going to receiving negative public criticism for doing the right thing as well as positive criticism for doing the wrong thing. You find out, usually the hard way, that it is not always a popularity contest. So you have to learn to take it on the chin and move onward and upward!

  9. Obama wants his Legacy protected as the first Black President and he wants everyone to recognize his outstanding achievements. The problem is he needs to invent most of the achievements and sell it to the public as bona fide, but those who have been abreast of the facts for these past 8 years know, he always fell short.

    He comes out from hiding every now and then to give us a speech that is suppose detail those 8 years which of late are sounding more like tales from the crypt and I sure wish he would crawl back and put that mouthpiece to rest.

  10. Is it me or does Obama looks like a limp dick ?
    Obama didn’t spy on Trump enough to, in Obama’s words, bring “sanity” back to politics.

    Fuck Obama, this limp ass dick. Excuse me, Michael’s limp dick in his ass.