Open Bionics Is Creating Affordable And Stylish 3D Printed Protheses

This company is changing the way we see prostheses. Open Bionics is a UK-based start-up tech company. Its mission is to create affordable 3D printed prostheses. They are about 30 times cheaper than other prostheses on the market.

They operate using sensors attached to the skin to detect muscle movements. The muscle movements control the hand and open and close fingers.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I came to youtube looking for information on the electrical components of required to make a 3d printed arm. I currently have 10 3d printers and thought I would try to make a functioning prosthetic arm. Can you give me any information on the electrical components needed. Second question is will you marry me? What a positive impact you will have on people. This is truly incredible and I wish you best.

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  3. Good job ! very good indeed, God gave you a talent and you makes people happy for their wellness.
    Some ugly peoples use their skills for bomb making. DONT LEAVE THIS PATH.

  4. At least I know that if I ever lose a limb I wont be devastated because I can buy a shiny new replacement. Although i might not be able to play video games as well. Just hope it's my legs then.

  5. Acho que o problema dos cientistas que tentam fazer próteses mais modernas, é que eles tentam controlar a parte mecânica com o cérebro humano. Eu imagino uma prótese capaz de pensar por si só, mas com o plena consciência de sua importância para aquele corpo. Se atencipando a cada movimento humano e calculando por si só cada ação.