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Opponents sound off on Calif. Gov. Newsom's executive order on death penalty

Opponents sound off on Calif. Gov. Newsom's executive order on death penalty

The governor of California is facing criticism for his decision to put a stand still on the death penalty in the state. One America’s Elma Aksalic has details on the moratorium.

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  1. Well, we know for sure that piece of shit that killed Polly Klaas was not wrongfully convicted, so can we at least get justice for her? Gov. Newsom if you can't carry out the will of the voters in California then step down!

  2. Fuck Newsom!
    What a waste of money, time and prison space… keeping all of those useless, worthless inmates alive!
    Kill'em all!… Let God sort'em out!

  3. Isn't he related to Pelosi? Don't you see this is a money grab if they kill all these people they can't get money for them! How much is it to house 750 death row inmates for the next two years compared to how much is it to just put them in the oven?

  4. Yeah , screw the victims, and then charge them higher taxes to keep these animals in jail. California is a total disaster from all the treason and sanctuary policies . The Government there is not American, they are traitor communists.

  5. Ineffective? But you kill innocent babies right? And you are worried 30 people might be innocent (probably not! after the 50 appeals and 20 years to do it moron)
    And how many innocent babies do you kill every year?? HYPOCRITE!!

  6. Free the criminals, let everyone into our country, protect the illegals, abort the living babies, abolish ICE, tear down the wall, fry pigs in a blanket, MS-13 sympathizers, pour drugs into our country, turn your heads on sex trade, white genocide, eliminate free speech for conservatives, stomp out Christianity, target Conservative with IRS, FBI and DOJ, instigate a Coup D’etat, destroy our Second Amendment, and change the constitution that has protected our rights for Centuries. When are this people going to stop destroying every part of this country. What will be left of "Civil" when they are successful? What world will we have to live in?

  7. Irreversible! lol
    This also plays with these convicted inmates emotions! They may be emotionally ready for death, but, oh, no, now they get to live. Oh, wait, someone reversed that executive order (in court or another governor), and now they die. !!!! Isn’t that called emotional duress?

  8. Before considering voting for any Socialist Democrat, please keep your eyes on New York as it is spiraling out of control and will continue to crash. New York is on the same trajectory that Venezuela was on, and is just a few corners or curves behind. The same road always ends the same for those that follow.
    California is on the same path as NY.

  9. The awful governor talks morality while he allows sanctuary to murderers and open boarders. He’s going to do and give more to illegals then true Americans who are living on the streets. What a disgraceful state and of course it’s gone to hell under democratic rule

  10. If those who are death row are guilty need to be on that list, I would be mad if someone kid anyone close to me want then sentenced to death now not wow I can only imagine