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Outgoing Rep. Issa discusses midterm results

Outgoing Rep. Issa discusses midterm results

More than a week after midterm elections and the Democrat win of the House, outgoing Republican Congressman Darrell Issa is sounding off on what the GOP should do moving forward. One America’s John Hines caught up with Issa on capitol hill and has this.

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  1. Typical politician……knows damn well that its all about voter fraud……Paul Ryan engineered the 2018 midterm defeat, didn't even put forward candidates to run against Democrats…….

  2. new President of Mexico self described Communist comes in Dec 1 2018 , with 30k caravan crickets sitting at the Border … oh yeah that will help… the new prez already stated they have a right to come here….. look it up….

  3. Definitely pray to Christ (John 10 : 30 KJV) that ALL evil agencies/evil organizations/any evil business along with ALL fraudulent education systems (this includes any false churches, false ministries, fake news networks as well) are all defunded then dismantled. Continue in prayer that The Jezebel spirit (feminism) is crushed as more Americans will then turn to Christ, that islam (this is an evil death-cult, not a religion) is banned from America, that ALL illegals are deported (illegal immigration has been nothing but evil for America) to go back to turn to Christ to HEAL their own lands, that ALL corrupt politicians are imprisoned for treason, that ALL voting machines are totally destroyed, that paper ballots with proper voter id and accurate vote counting are completely enforced throughout ALL of America. Psalms 33: 12 KJV