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Pa. governor targeting natural gas with tax

Pa. governor targeting natural gas with tax

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announces his intent to tax natural gas in order to pay for a $4.5 billion infrastructure project. One America’s Gabrielle Cuccia has more from Washington.

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  1. Pennsylvania, WTF , why do you keep voting in socialist democrats?  You are getting as stupid as the morons in NY that keep voting in the Coward Traitor Cuomo.

  2. Wolf got into office because of criminal voter fraud period. I didn't vote for the prick and I'm sick and tired of democrate politician's taxing fossil fuels. They charge for usage and distribution so the bills are doubled already. Enough is enough you greedy bastards!

  3. Leave to Dems to ruin good things like…jobs. Like any tax it will hit the consumer, it is never just a tax on business or a commidity. And a tax for a vague infrastructure project???

  4. I think it is becoming clearer what Democrats and liberals care about ruining a government that works by the subverting the laws and corrupting the system with criminals

  5. The tax is there to pay for the funding for illegals. It's happening in California with gas and coming water taxes. Keep voting for these democrat communists.

  6. Taxes of $4.5 billion for 💰infrastructure bill.
    Translation 💀special interest contracts for more 💵kickbacks and 💸bribes.
    Above all, it provides 👪taxpayer-funded round-about campaign 💰contributions through an 🤑infrastructure bill. (Super💰🤑💸 CON-JOB)
    💀Crime – via taxes – another day – another crime – another 👹Demon-rat🐀.

  7. I live in PA and Tom Wolf is a POS. He regridded the voter distructs so Democrats would get elected in PA. He is a self serving dirtbag who is destroying the economy here and necessitating leaving the state before we end up in California status having feces and used needles everywhere.