Peter Hitchens talks economics, in a clip from my full interview…

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  1. The interviewer is obviously an American-style conservative. Small government, and make workers work to the bone for a pittance. There is no social contract and no sense of national priority. A free market dictatorship of undemocratic corporations.

  2. I'm not sure I agree with Hitchens' obsession with the nuclear family unit, especially as the supposed principle driver of all these issues, but he's absolutely right regarding the economic strategy of renationalising essential services. This issue most "right wing" people I know have is that they readily employ the slippery-slope fallacy – apparently it's all or nothing when it comes to socialist policy, but really we should look at industries on an individual basis and decide outside of ideological reasons whether or not the people would benefit from their nationalisation. Although really it's as simple as looking at how essential that industry is to everyone – we all need power, transport, a roof over our heads, so those industries have been free to run a racket as they are either monopolised by a single company or a collective of companies who mutually benefit by effectively running a cartel. One could practically arrange industries into a version of Maslow's heirarchy of needs and it would be almost certain that those industries in need of nationalisation would be sat at the top.
    He's 100% right about unemployment figures being somewhat liberally massaged as well. What he doesn't mention is also UNDERemployment, meaning people have jobs but they are either insecure (as any temp employee will attest to), badly paid or offering no real progression beyond the first rung.

  3. Disagree with him completely on economics, but I've always loved how erudite, bright and sharp he is. I wouldn't re-nationalise those industries, although I would certainly protect them through a tariff system, and undergo efforts to repatriate corporate cash hidden abroad.

  4. Well, hats off to Hitchens & tbh I never in my wildest thought that I would agree with Peter (I'm a big fan of his late brother & I tend to steer clear of the Mail as I view it as a hate rag.).

  5. Totally agree about unemployment rate. Also would our standard of living really go down if we had protectionist economies again? I don't remember a time when I had a low standard of living, even when I was a poor student. it is true that we could no longer get cheap plastic crap from China. No great loss at all, imo.

  6. I would happily pay more for the "things" that I currently buy from China on ebay, the majority of which are absolutely rubbish, last for 5 minutes, have no warranty to speak of and are made by people who put zero pride in what they make.

  7. My friend knew a British expat family which successfully sold off their dot com business. I think it was an online instrument store. Anyway, they managed to sell it for a song, and their marriage failed soon after…. maybe the new "knowledge-based economy" isn't all it's cracked up to be?

  8. I agree with him on the point about the married family was once the cornerstone of our society and I too would like to see it brought back. However, my problem with it is, and it's more of a question really, how can we bring it back but still give people in relationships a chance to divorce if they aren't happy. Also, as the UK has become more of a secular country in terms of religion, apart from taxation which really is no moral driving force, how can we persuade couples to marry?