Pocketnow Throwback: HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1

The HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1, spearheaded Google’s push into the smartphone space. It was the first commercially-available Android device, and it changed the entire landscape of mobile communication.

But it didn’t always seem destined for success, especially considering its mushy keyboard, smallish screen, and big honking chin. The G1 could have gone either way, and now it’s time to examine just what drove it down the path to success. For the first time ever on Pocketnow, we’ll be doing that with the assistance of tweets from our audience, sent in after our G1 unboxing this morning.

Tune in to our G1/Dream Throwback Review for a brief look over our collective geek shoulder at the start of Android, then stay tuned for much more from Pocketnow in the other direction: the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Thanks to all who took the time to tweet us!

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Pocketnow Throwback: HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1


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  1. Ahead of its time when it first came out I remembered going to the mall and looking at the iPhone sell people would ask what kind of phone I would have I would say G1 Android they would just turn around and walk away lol

  2. Back in the day you had to love the G1, that was my first smartphone and I thought I was the coolest kid walking. The G1 opened the door for the Sidekick smartphone if anyone remembers. Now the Sidekick was where it's at. Once I got my hand on a Sidekick I said to myself I'm never getting rid of this phone and guess what I STILL HAVE IT. not sure if it works I have to find a way to charge too see as I don't have the cord for it.

  3. Android manufacturers need to drop Qualcomm. They are pieces of shit. Their processors are ok, but they are keeping Android down. There is a reason why apple has such a dedicated fan base and the processors are a part of that reason. This is not a apple argument I'm making. I am typing this on my s8 plus. I just think that they are hurting Android as a whole with their limitations.

  4. I miss mine and the Motorola Cliq after. My first feature phone was a limited edition Tony Hawk Sidekick before my G1. Towards the end I was able to pimp it out with all kinds of goodies I bought at Tmobile for little to nothing.

  5. In that year, they are no matter about big bezel, no 18:9 screen, no portrait mode or 4K recording or super slowmo, no wireless charging, and…

    reply to add……