Pocketnow Throwback: Motorola Q

North America, Summer 2006: Talladega Nights is at the top of the box office; Nickelback and Hinder battle it out for butt-rock band of the year; and an acting student named Michael Fisher grows a pretty sweet mustache in an otherwise-sedate corner of Southeastern Virginia. But more importantly, a hotly anticipated and long-delayed mobile phone finally lands on Verizon Wireless retail shelves. It’s a device poised to challenge RIM’s BlackBerry family in the QWERTY keyboard arena. A new Windows Mobile smartphone unlike any other. That device’s name: the Motorola Q.

The Q changed the smartphone game in the United States, transforming a market historically known for big, bulky, heavy, nerd-tastic devices into the new mobile hot-zone, the place to be if you wanted to play hard. Motorola borrowed heavily from its still-wildly-successful RAZR line to create a device whose aggressive, brutal aesthetic still finds expression in today’s Motorola smartphones. If you’ve carried a Motorola device in the past few years, odds are it drew a hefty amount of inspiration – or even a part of its name – from the trailblazing Q.

Join us as we embark on a short journey into yesteryear to survey all that the Q brought us. We’ll marvel at how far we’ve come, but also at how much looks familiar, in this seven-year-old artifact from the Days of Smartphone Past.

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Pocketnow Throwback: Motorola Q


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