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Post Match Press Conference | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United

Post Match Press Conference | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United

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Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after United’s Premier League match against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Calm and composed, ever since his players time.. what would you do if you're lukaku or rashy? You train harder and more determined in next games to repay the trust and faith the manager has put onto you.

  2. "No no. It wasn't a dive. Apparently, Fred is really strong"
    Ole is a trip. Chin up gaffer and the lads. Let's get the job done on Saturday against Wolves and prep hard for April

  3. Didn`t think we really played that well yesterday but Ole positive as always and at the wheel, so put it behind us and onwards and upwards. No point dwelling on a defeat. Wolves in cup next so we focus on that as we do the UNITED way.

  4. That's our manager! No matter how many hair dryers he gives in the locker room(I'm sure some will get it today), it stays in the locker room. Always defends and praises his players in the media. What a man.

  5. Deagea had a mistake ..he losed to concentrate the direction of ball..but we all know he made lots of saves that leads us to big wins…we can't criticize him…I support degea..
    I expected something more from rashi…I feel he had little bit of laziness in the match…some times he losed to make gud shots…but all the team played well…we support ole…we support our team…we r united… The reds on fire…

  6. Well said Ole!I just wish he had maybe put on Martial/Greenwood and some others given a chance as they would have been more fresher as some players looked a bit to leggy after psg game and arsenal losing in France gave them a reason to win more to get back on track be it united or any other prem team.

  7. we were unlucky yesterday.. But then again that's football… Sometimes it works in your favor and sometimes it works against you. But overall delighted about the performance of the players and the coaching staff… Furthermore, one cannot ignore how positive Solskjaer remains to be even in defeat… Instead of blaming the wind like other coaches he focuses on what was right during the game and looks forward for the next match…

  8. I think it was a bridge too far and as Ole said before, we will lose a game and we have, so now we have to regroup and start again. It was unrealistic for this to go on forever but the media will always try to play it up and try blame someone/something etc to sell space. I thought the focus and intensity was missing compared to the previous games and the boys looked mentally tired and if we had scored the 1st goal, the outcome would have been very different. As they say, fine margins. No worries as injuries will start clearing up and be at full strength soon.