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Potential Economic Impacts of Tariffs against Mexico

Potential Economic Impacts of Tariffs against Mexico

While the White House has defended its decision to enact tariffs against Mexican goods, as One America’s Eddie McCoven reports, some local business leaders are concerned.

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  1. How about the thing that's really costing us money that's coming from Mexico a flea popping wave of human beings that we're paying taxes to feed house doctor title diaper come on get a grip you idiots

  2. ID & Background check should take only 10 minutes. A man should be free to work where he wants. Just don't give any handouts. They will be happy to work for their rent and buy household goods.

  3. TRUMP 2020 !! fuck Mexico! They dont want to help STOP the flow of illegal aliens?, CHARGE THE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!! 10% EVERY MONTH, I LOVE IT !! People take advantage of our country when we have a liberal Republic or Democrat , But not with TRUMP , HE IS A TRUE LEADER THE BUCK STOP WITH HIM !! the man has to be admired for his courage and no frills attitude against countries that take advantage of our kindness and help, watch the idiot Liberal Democrats complain of high prices or something stupid instead of standing behind the President and supporting him. I SUPPORT TRUMP and glad he doing that, we should charge Mexicon 20,000 dollars for every illegal alien and there children for being here and fine them an addition 10,000 dollars to the person or family member for being here each year after that, I think thats a great idea.

  4. That's not exactly how that works, buyers will negotiate a lower price with sellers from Mexico or they can buy from other sources, that's the joy of Capitalism.

  5. Yah right auto parts ,you mean auto garbage. Just had a two month old tierod break on my truck , made a hard right into the ditch after i took out a pole. If i would of made a left into oncomming , no telling what could of happend.

  6. All your stupid 'analysts' can go f yourselves! Trump has THE right idea about tariffs on Mexican goods. All your whining is immaterial. I give it about as much credibility as when you criticized Melania's high-heel shoes when boarding a plane to go to visit hurricane victims that you idiots kept in the news for three days! I cannot wait until the tariffs get to 25%!!! Go Trump!!!!!

  7. "Incredible Price Hikes" Really?! 5% is an "Incredible" price hike? First of all, the peso has already lost 3% against the dollar just on the threat of tariffs, this is a full pickup for the US economy. China's yuan has lost 10% in the past year entirely due to the trade war. The US consumer will likely pay an additional little to nothing extra. Please, do some comprehensive journalism to give the whole picture.

  8. First of all, I do not consume imported fruits and vegetables since they provide nothing to my diet. I also do not plan to purchase many products from Mexico, Nor do I plan to travel to Mexico. Close the borders. Enter legally.

  9. I don’t mind paying more on Mexican made/grown products if it helps to stop the horrible problem at our southern border. Need the DemRats to stop sitting on their hands and get something done.

  10. So for you it's all about the Benjamin's Baby, it doesn't matter that the President of Mexico has gone back on every deal he made & is sending millions of illegals across the border & the drugs & murders of Mara Salvatrucha -13 or as we know them as MS-13. The Illegals are costing America 45 Billion dollars every year with much more damage to our infrastructure & our social support that is only meant for American's that paid into it which these Illegals have not, so screw them & you. Who do you think is bribing many of the DemoRATs but the Mexican government why do you think our DemoRATs are squealing so much, wake up people & follow the Money to the corruption. Screw Mexico & it's Criminal government.

  11. The automakers Ford, GM, and BMW, will be hit hard, as they only consider Americans good enough to only buy their cars, and not make them. But those companies who built their plants in the U.S. will have a much more competitive product. But the consumers will be the big losers, as a lot of companies have shifted product manufacture to Mexico & China.

  12. How come there is no news coverage on the voting for new governor in Mexico which could impact California considering one of the men running happens to be best friends with Governor Newsom of California. If this guy wins as governor this could be a game-changer for California and socialism. I'm just wondering why no new station seem to be covering this? I did get the information from #OscarElblue on YouTube.

  13. Message to all YOUTube advertisers. I will never purchase anything from any of you who advertise on here… I hope everyone who comes here does the same until youtube stops censoring and taking away our rights to free speech…