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Pres. Trump defends pulling troop out of Syria

Pres. Trump defends pulling troop out of Syria

The president fulfilled a campaign promise in which he ordered for the withdrawal of US troops stationed in Syria in what he called a victory.

For more, we go to One America’s Gabrielle Cuccia from Washington.

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  1. The big difference between American involvement in Syria and Russian & Irsnian involvement is that the Syrian government approved Russian and Iranian troops in Syria. The Syrian government never approved American troops to be in Syria. Therefore the US has no basis or justifiable consideration of being in Syria under any circumstances, unless Congress would declare war.

  2. The military is used by the elite to make them richer by invading other countries and stealing their resources. Our military are the real terrorists killing innocent people around the world. Americans don't think for themselves or question what they are told they just believe the lies that the government spews. They lied about so many things and yet we still believe them, why? The government is corrupt and doesn't care about the nation they are suppose to protect. Wake up or we will fall and there will be nothing we can do about it. We need to take to the streets and call for the deportation and permanent banning of the people who control the federal reserve and the rothchilds, soros and all other elite family's that pay the politicians to do shit that Americans would never agree to.

  3. Pay for my children's medical before feeding and paying medical for the rest of the world. Our taxes should benefit us not someone we will never meet or know. Let them take care of themselves or take over that country completely and install a USA government.

  4. Hey! … Read the Constitution! … only the Congress can declare war! … Both Bush and Obama neglected to get a declaration of war … (OK from the UN is NOT acceptable! … G H W Bush) … We ought to exit from Syria … It NEVER invited US in … The USA is NOT the world policemen for the globalist elites!

  5. Johnny Joey Jones is an articulate speaker who does a superb job of laying out the facts. If the Democrats and NeoCons want war, let them muster the votes in Congress to declare it.

  6. 1) Our border needs soldiers to keep it safe, 2,) Build the wall 3) Have them come home to have a real life with family. 4) 👉Trust God , trust your president , trust that the work done was enough. 5,) Trump is the president, 6) if the Mattie in 30 40 years did the correct job, then it's gonna give good fruit. 7) Matti needs to rest a little,
    Is he another McCain another Kelly 👉fake Republicans. ?

    We need to take care of our country here , didn't you see what happened at the border ?

    What has happened for years
    Until when ?
    If is not Trump Who ?

    Marry Christmas 🎄🎅


  7. Johnny Joey Jones I hope you run for one of the cabinet positions and if not vice president one day, or even step in one of honored best pair shoes the presidency, after Trump is finished of course you’re a hell of a man!!

  8. I look at what Trump is doing in Northern Africa and believe those middle east areas, will not be a problem seeing we might strike better deals with those areas in Africa.

  9. Politicians disagree with POTUS. What a Joke. We don't Trust 85% of the Politicians in Washington. They don't even know what National Security is. Let these BlowHards Criticize the American People.