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President Trump delivers his second State of the Union address

President Trump delivers his second State of the Union address

President Trump delivered his second State of the Union address, touting the strength of the nation and calling for lawmakers to put the American people first. One America’s Kara McKinney has the details.

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  1. Now that the SOTU was done and over with, Trump was able to relay all his messages across millions of american people!
    CNN MSDNC and the leftist baby killers democrats can no longer twist and spins it!
    What's left for the leftist baby killer democrats to offer as a bargaining chip against border wall?
    Trump has the upper hand and all the aces!
    Trump "CAVED IN" they say, Trump "LOST" they say!😁😁

  2. I'm looking at dozens and dozens of young healthy looking men in this caravan. Not ONE woman, old person or child. I'm sure they're there, but a very small percentage.

  3. Amazing. Democrats think a photo from 35 years ago is more important than infanticide. Northam is just a bit ahead of his time with Democrats. Two or three years from now Democrats will all be on board with abortion through the first day of a baby's life outside of the womb. The New York law and that being fought for in Virginia will help eliminate that tedious job of turning the baby around in the birth canal, delivering everything except the head, and then plunging scissors into the brain through the base of the skull. This is much simpler. Deliver the baby, make it comfortable, and then decide if it has more value alive or as organs to be harvested. Think about it. Deliver the baby. No chance of damaging valuable baby parts. Then butcher the baby in the most efficient way possible.

  4. The only thing Congress is showing the world is that the democrats are willing to let in illegal aliens, which will crush our economy. Democrats are not Americans

  5. Be careful of what you wish for. Nancy Pelosi representing 1/435 of the population needs to either kill or get rid of Trump and Pence simultaneously to assume the presidency. If that happened at least 100,000,000 law abiding taxpaying Americans would do whatever necessary to eliminate her. Representing a slimy drug, syringe, condom, and feces infected district. Yeah. THAT’S what we want.

  6. Gads, what is this high school or what. You have the dorm mom (crazy nancy) having these mindless morons dress in white. Seeing they can't think for themselves they blindly follow along. And these are professional goverment law makers. Give me a break! How obvious when the dorm mom didn't want to listen to our President she quickly pick up papers and in my mind pretended to be reading. These democrats really need to be abolished, caged or put out of their misery.

  7. Did anyone noticed that President Trump had a bunch of, us, we, our in the State of the Union…Wile the responce from Democrats had mostly, I, me, her responce…just sayin..

  8. 3700 troops is not enough. He better send about 15,000. They who think they want to come here illegally need to see we mean business. ALL of our troops are being paid no matter what they are doing, so send 15,000 of them there to stay until the wall is finished. It would be like being overseas, but a short trip home on leave, and no fear of being shot at or bombed. Just set up tents and stay put. Bring all the hummers they need and a few Blackhawks and just stay. Protect OUR country for once.

  9. Anyone notice the ladies in white were just one hood away from looking like the clan? B/c they're certainly in the correct party w/the Grand on the stand.