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President Trump: Until investigations are over, no Democrat legislative agenda

President Trump: Until investigations are over, no Democrat legislative agenda

President Trump has imposed an ultimatum on House Democrats — either stop the investigations into his administration or say goodbye to their legislative agenda. One America’s Marty Golingan details the political fight.

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  1. Democrats have not settled a cover up during the Vietnam war with no restitution to all frontline combat veterans also ignoring u.s. immigration laws illegally imposing taxes on American taxpayers to support illegal immigrants and socialism in America.

  2. Simple solution. No more closed door meetings! Anyone who says the American people cannot be trusted with certain information is a traitor and up to no good.

    Btw, Eric Holder refused to comply with a congressional subpoena during the Obama fake administration, and the Dems swept that under the rug!

  3. To Democrats- you may have a good chance of winning 2020. How? By finding a stellar, squeaky clean, charismatic individual willing to set all crap aside to unite America again by finding that common thread for us to do so.

  4. STUPID PEOPLE JUST LISTEN TO THESE DEMOCRATS LIES. What’s really sick is National media keeps on feed the public with lies. MARTIAL LAW NOW

  5. Why are these leftist Democrats, still breathing our air, ruining our morals, killing our babies, polluting our youth, destroying capitalism and our US constitution, pumping in drugs, making the illegal legal, increasing the division in our country with violence, all while taking huge amounts of money in salery from we the people while doing it!
    Isn't that the purest form of treason and isn't treason punishable by death??

  6. It is time for the Demarcates to grow up and stop acting like babies. You are supposed to be an elected official that is supposed to do legislature and not cry about everything that you do not like. GROW UP.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nancy is the one Covering up. Covering up her terrorist treasonous traitor ass. There is the cover up.EVERY FUCKING DEM IS A TERRORIST TREASONOUS TRAITOR TO AMERICA ALL MUST BE REMOVED TO GITMO AND. E. X. E. C. T. U. D. E. D

  8. Let go over Nancy and her husbands finances in the public domain and them we can see how she came about there billions Turn about is fair play madam speaker lol.

  9. The Democrats need to understand that under the constitution
    of the United States of America if the government is a threat to the democracy
    of the U.S.A. the militia  IE “THE PEOPLE”
    can remove the government party to keep the Democracy in tack for the good of
    the people of the U.S.A.

    The Democrats have shown they can not serve the country and
    are striving for socialism this is a clear violation of the constitution and
    they need to be removed from office at once. IF we the people could come together
    to form one Nation Under God once then we can do it again. CALL OUT the MILITIA
    on the Democratic party before they take over the Government.

  10. Don't Blame Trump one bit for feeling like he does! The left has made a mockery of his presidency and will stop at nothing(proven!) to stop anything he wants for the people. We voted this man in office, surely we can do something about the idiots bullying him!!!!

  11. I certain do not believe that Pelosi prayer for anybody to any god she might think is out there. She loves killing the innocent and the is something the God of the bible abhors and so should we. I on record , I abhor Madam Pelosi—'k