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President Trump vs. Rep. Cummings: Baltimoreans react to the latest feud

President Trump vs. Rep. Cummings: Baltimoreans react to the latest feud

The mainstream media is painting an adversarial picture regarding the people of Baltimore and President Trump. One America’s Neil W. McCabe took to the streets of the city to see what residents really think.

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  1. God Bless ALL those truly good folks in Baltimore for standing up and seeing just how crooked Dems are to they're city VOTE THEM OUT OF EVERY OFFICE AND KEEP CLEANING UP YOUR CITY PROUD OF YOU ALL YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB FOR YOUR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN

  2. Yes it really is that bad. I was there just a couple months ago for a work conference and was approached by a meth head around 8 PM in a nicer neighborhood. As I looked around me I noticed most of the people around were on drugs or drunk or homeless.

  3. These people all seem reasonable and genuinely concerned about their city. Also you can see and feel the depressing spirit as described by the lady wearing the neon vest.

  4. Democratic party will cry and yell for illegals all day. But not once have any mentioned Baltimore, Chicago, and places in this crime wave epidemic. Only Trump has mentioned Baltimore, and called a racist for standing up and doing it. Democrats think they have africans in their pockets.

  5. Trump understands all the democratic run cities and all most all are garbage pits. Democrats have taken the poor peoples vote for granted. They think as long as they supply them with food stamps and welfare they will be happy. These people are human and should stop being treated like dogs.Trump 2020 Vote Republican and maybe we can bring these cities back to life with plenty of jobs.❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸Watch Hillary’s America on Comcast on demand to get truly educated. Knowledge is power 👌🏿❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  6. Where did the 2.3 BILLION dollars go? WHAT DID MR.CUMMINGS DO WITH IT? HE REFUSES TO ANSWER THE QUESTION!!! But calls trump a racist to not have to answer questions about where the money went? 🤨😡

  7. The democrats need to realize that more and more "black Americans" understand that Trump is America's president! He knows they bleed red and wants to improve their conditions just like he does ALL Americans! God bless Donald Trump and people of ALL ETHNICITIES, SEXES, COLORS, RELIGIONS AND SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS WHO REALLY WANT TO SEE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  8. I love what the last young man said about the food stamps and I absolutely agree with him 100%!!! So happy that God opened my eyes to see it is not about Race we are suppose to be united! I am praying for Trump and he has my vote!!!! Pray that God continues to open the eyes of not just blacks but all races that they will see the truth!

  9. Fundamentally, only the Mayor and city Council of Baltimore can fix Baltimore.
    The President has no legal authority to address problems there, without the request and permission of local and State authority like the governor of Maryland.
    Senators and Congressional Representatives can chase funding for states and districts.

    The failure of Baltimore and other major American cities is the result of local constituencies betting on the wrong local leadership. Cities in the US tend to vote Democrat. Decades of Democrat leadership in these cities has worn these places down. It resulted in countless avoidable problems, because Dems love change except with their own ideas. They can always tell you how flawed Republican ideas are, but cannot admit their methods haven't worked, and may have exacerbated social problems afflicting the people, especially the most vulnerable.

    Good intentions do not guarantee positive results. Mix that with ideological stubbornness, antipathy for ones political rivals, and the given corruption that plagues all political entities, and we get shit. Uneccessary and unacceptable shit. Now, let's get out there folks and repeat the process all over again, because while that's allegedly insane, we're Democrats. We're smarter, kinder, better than those old white guys who are probably closet racists.