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Principal’s McCaughan Weighs in on Xi’s Speech at the Boao Forum

Apr.09 — Principal Global Investors CEO Jim McCaughan weighs in on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech at the Boao Forum for Asia, in Hainan. McCaughan speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.”

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  1. xi is full of shit.. he will give in when it does not matter.. they chinese will not play in a level playing field until they have an edge..if they are willing to lower car tariffs means they do not need it..the americans are idiots. they needed to be tougher a decade ago.. but men pull down their zippers and piss on each other but then seldom go as far as to s…t. on each other.. they will sort this out..

  2. Lowering tariffs on auto imports benefit european and japanese cars most because they account for the majority of market shares in china while only 1 out of 10 cars in china is an american car