Labour MP was laughed at in the commons by her colleagues for taking a pro-Brexit view. History will judge her to be on the right side.

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Disgusting behaviour by Pro EU Labour Traitors, against a fantastic Woman who believes in a United Kingdom that should be free to decide its own destiny. Kate is a fantastic Labour MP, and I love her.

  2. Well done Kate Hoey, completely ignore the will of your constituents who voted you in and the will of the people from Northern Ireland, who stand to be hit hardest! Keep waving that Union Jack Kate!!!

  3. Problem is she's wrong. Paying money into the EU budget is logical, considering the context of being part of such a multinational body. Moreover, she isn't a mp for 17 million, she's an MP for a decidedly pro EU constituency, which should be her first representative priority. That's my view anyhoo.

  4. I laughed too. (And then I cried because folk believe her). This is the same Kate Hoey who thinks after Brexit Eire will beg to become part of the UK! She's on the loon fringe of the debate with Paterson and Mogg!

  5. Stephen. Remain know what they want. Brexit can mean any number of options so saying leave voters knew what they were voting for is a lie. You should look at yourself in the mirror and start being honest with yourself.