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Prominent Conservatives Attend Screening of New D’Souza Film

Prominent conservatives attend a screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film — “Death of a Nation.” One America’s Jack Posobiec spoke with D’Souza and others about the film, and why Democrat policies have historically been dangerous.

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  1. 💲🤪 pay a liberal to go see the movie

    I did

    I paid for his whole family to see it no charge

    Guess what

    The whole family is now Reborn

    🤪🤪 Help a liberal today 🤪🤪

  2. We are living in a time where any law enforcement is compared to Nazi-ism. Even simple checks and balances of a normal society is considered racist.
    Therefore we have to invent a way to enforce laws without facing such accusations.
    But at this point, that may be impossible.

  3. Funny how YOUTUBE have placed A PROPAGANDA LIBERAL ADVERTISEMENT under this CONSERVATIVE channel. But they, YOUTUBE, would prefer to block CONSERVATIVES ADVERTISEMENTS.

  4. Capitalism, you don't have to play the game, you choose to play the game…… Socialism, you don't have a choice, you have to do what you're told. Problem is, most people opposed to capitalism don't actually know what capitalism is, they mistakenly think corporatism is capitalism. It's corporatism they hate, they love capitalism because capitalism is what makes their lives so comfortable. Give them socialism and they'd be begging a capitalist nation to come save them.

  5. The leftist reviews of his movie make bold statements but don't bother with actually backing up ANY of their assertions with fact or proof. Dinesh made a factual statements backed by history, records and facts. He may have down played any Republicans perhaps going along with or secretly supporting or condoning what the Democrats did but that is peanuts compared with the creative license regularly infused into leftist political movies. Perhaps a half of one peanut that didn't fully develope would be more accurate as comparison.

  6. On the right= to sit by the right hand of God, to throw your net on the right side of the boat, right/east/sunrise/enlightenment.
    On the left=to sit by the left hand of Satan, to walk meaninglessly west through the desert, left/west/sunset/darkness.
    Any enlightened person knows the dangers of what left means .

  7. Yeah, Reagan. The guy who liberalized the american market and opened our borders and gave amnesty to millions of illegals. What a joke.
    And Lincoln wanted to send all the blacks to Africa.
    These goys are retarded

  8. How can the movie possibly "lower tensions on both sides" when one side is being propagandized against even watching it? We need to feed the narrative with bites, not meals. So take away a few bites from the film, and share those in context with political discussion. Maybe that will help.

  9. D'Suoza is not a filmmaker. He is a propagandist. His previous offerings have been thoroughly devoid of facts and set in a make believe world, but presented as factual, much like Fox News. Everyone knows the Republican Party was the Party of Lincoln, but at the time the Republican Party was the Leftist Party. Neither party has a true identity, they are both just picking whatever talking points they think will motivate people to vote for them and once that stops working will switch their views to whatever is working. Anyone watching this movie for Historical Context, you are a fool. It's going to carry as much Historical Context as Star Wars, but should be taken far less seriously.

  10. Yeah Reagan would feel like a fish out of water in the Republican Party today cause he gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. He also sold weapons to Iran, passed gun control laws in California(granted it was to stop black people from arming themselves), left hundreds of US soldiers die in Lebanon, voted against sanctions on the Apartheid government. Nice legacy