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Qatar's hacking of U.S. officials exposed

Qatar's hacking of U.S. officials exposed

As Robert Mueller’s investigation partly focuses on Russia’s hacking of U.S. officials, the special counsel appears to have over looked hacking from the state of Qatar. One America’s Jack Posobiec has more on his investigation into the ongoing Qatar hacking scandal that isn’t getting as much attention.

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  2. Pelosi said they are, are friends, right!! They have Pelosi on a payment plan !! We need to stop doing business with countries that hate us & try to hurt us. Not to mention many countries in Africa & the middle east still support slavery, why are we even doing business with these people ??? I know why bc our politicians get big pay checks from them. This is another reason the UN is a joke. SLAVERY is wrong period, but you don't see any country doing anything about it & the UN says nothing!!: It needs to stop !! Best wishes 🙂