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Rabbi Jeffrey Katz on Anti Semitism & Congress

Rabbi Jeffrey Katz on Anti Semitism & Congress

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Congress is a mess and the Dems want a bigger mess in dividing America by race and religion. As Islam is radicalized today, it is a clear danger to America. The Jewish community saw similar divisions and hate in Europe in the 1930s. Its the same anti semetic facsist socialism in a new package.

  2. Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron, Jews hate Christ. Maybe there wouldn't be so much anti-Antisemitism if Jews didn't have the belief that they are Chosen and Goyim are their slaves to be lied to and controlled. You want to hyphenate Judeo to anything try (Masonic(Judeo(Communism)))

  3. This is not just some political party. This is an undying spirit that is being allowed into the halls of American government. It's not permissible and must be rooted out by the entirety of rational America. It has to go!

  4. Omar is not going to stop, because it’s what Omar believes. Omar and the democrats are s disgrace. Schumer is not going to support Jews, Schumer has sold out.

  5. I give 0 fucks about anti semitism in America. I only care about my race, the white race. Fuck off jews, fuck of arabs, go the fuck back to your homelands. At least you have them. I fucking don’t!

  6. And the formation of illegal sharia law police units in several cities shows Muslim loyalty to who? Draping the Palestinian flag in our Congress shows loyalty to who? Wearing a hajib in Congress even though it was not allowed shows loyalty to who? LETS START ASKING THE HARD QUESTIONS. THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED ON GOD NOT allah. The last thing we needed was a allahu akbar yelling woman in congress but that's what we have. ( remember Fort Hood and how a radical extremist was ignored) History has a way of repeating itself.

  7. Anti-Islamic hate bills allow Sharia law terriost to overtake countries. Look @ European countries & Canada. Any middle eastern countries that did this is under Islamic sharia law dictatorships.😞

  8. Omar and Tlaib are the perfect example of why Muslims will never get ahead under the world. They are trapped in this illusion that Islam and Islamic culture is superior to other cultures and it must conquer the world to spread Islam. The Koran calls for the destruction of Israel and to kill Jews

  9. If the facts were laid out, she didn’t insult Jews at all. She asked why they’re a part of APAC. The media once again lies & twists words to start a race war. I’m not defending Muslims in any way, but she did bring up a point. How can Chuck Schumer have dual citizenship? Who is he loyal to? Who controls the money & everything else? The Jewish people do. Who is Bernie? What does he push & promote? Socialism. Wake up America. Don’t let the fake news divide us even more here.

  10. 1930!!! YEP!!! An old lady who survived the Holocost was watching the Antifa goings on, and she said "This is just what the NAZI BROWN SHIRTS, Where doing in 1930!!!"
    This was from a Jewish lady who was a young girl of 8 years old when these THUGS were taking over Germany!!!
    She said there is no difference in their Behavior from the 1930's Era, of NAZI Brown shirts of Hitlers rising to power.
    These DemoRatts in Congress, and Senate, have to be stopped at all cost!!! Beginning with Peelousy, Omar, and Tliab!!!

  11. it's not happening because o ly jews in New York and Hollywood only politicians because they have been there for ,6000 years ))))I don't know any jews including me that ate were or will be Democrats !we especially those that came from Russia )))) we were never democrates …they will leave ….and those that are not , they are nothing

  12. The hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people just isn't with the few Muslim women in Congress, it is a general consensus of the liberals and progressives in America. America best get use to more of this type of poisonous rhetoric, the more Muslims that get elected the more anti Israel speech we will see. If you want to see America's future take a good hard look at the UK.

  13. Criticism of israel is not criticism of jews. Let me ask you this, do jews consider anyone that isnt jew as sub human? Do jews think they are superior because of their race? Does their religion preach to lie and rape non believers or non jews? Read their religion, read their views, listen to Orthodox jews in israel that protest against israel goverment and zionism. Stop letting MSM tell you what to think, even on the right.

  14. How about they talk about anti-American? I've heard more than enough about anti-semism lately thanks to Omar. I wish Congress would get fired up over the situation with illegals, or with big tech censorship of the "incorrect" opinion. It would be nice if they treated all the criminals in Washington with as much fervor as they have towards Omar and her recent outbursts. It would also be nice if they even appeared slightly alarmed over a Hijab clad woman in the US congress. However, she was allowed to get there in the first place, which nobody saw as a problem…my long story short, it takes a Muslim to reference Jews in Congress to get Washington "upset". If these politicians diaplayed a fraction of the urgency towards America (The last hope of free speech in the West) and it's citizens (yes I mean legal) that would make me happy. This does not. I am tired of hearing about Israel, Islam and the rest of the Middle East. I care about America.