A Spanish port is under assault from hundreds of African migrants, as the immigration crisis in Europe worsens, but — as One America‚Äôs Pearson Sharp explains — some countries in Europe are fighting back.

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  1. I live in The Netherlands. We still welcoming new "refugees" every day. Over here muslims have their own supermarkets, schools, mosque's, habits, culture etc. They don't integrate at all. In fact : we open more and more mosque's every year and in each mosque there are imams that preach hatred against us. We allow it all to happen because of a few words : "racism", "racists", and "nazi's". When we try to stand against it, they use those words. Those 3 words are like magic… everything is better then being called a racist or nazi. Multiculturism is a higher goal and people over here are so scared to stand up against it all. My opinion ? It's just a matter of time that we are colonized by muslim culture. Never ever are rates of crime, rape, attacks etc. as high…. And our government and press silenced it all.

  2. Just put them all in a boat and send them back to their evil terrorist muslim / islam country and let these people fucked their own country. We the free peaceful christian people dont need you. The problem is so easy to get fixed .. See… Europe Government and people just build more state of the art high walls , cut their benefits and just give the benefits to your own real citizen and see if they are still willing to go in your country and abuse you and your government. JUST GROW MEN BALLS LIKE OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS MASSIVE MEN BALLS.

  3. Your gov. has been paid off to bring these Africans into Europe, All they have to do is bring in the army and protect their countries, with guns, in 1926 Richard Kalergi created the EU so he could mix the white Europeans with the black Africans to create a new race that would be easy for the ruling elite to control. Look it up on youtube. Arrest the people who want to bring the Africans in.