Rep. Jayapal Outlines New 'Medicare for All' Bill

Feb.28 — Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Washington Democrat, discusses the “Medicare for All” bill, one of the most ambitious efforts to overhaul the country’s health system and replace it with one where the federal government pays for nearly all care services. She speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power.”

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  1. Hold on ??? The government pays for everything??? No ! The people and wayyyyy higher taxes pay for this boondoggle!! Socialist/socialisim at it's best!! Sound familiar! You wanna keep your doctor you can ? You wanna save money ? You can!!! All lies n lies n lies..but the idiots and lo information among us r just to lo information!!!!!

  2. "medical benefits" means what? Does this cover hearing aids? does it cover compression stockings for edema? will it cover ENT/Audiology, and for those who choose to speak who are hard of hearing/deaf, will it cover speech therapy for those over 18 who need it to learn to speak more clearly?

    many doctors right now in Vancouver, WA do not accept Medicare. will this force them to accept Medicare, or would it mean those who have extra money will pay out of pocket for better quality doctors/dentists/optometrist? will this allow people on Medicaid/Medicare for All to use both when traveling out of state? Vancouverites are often referred to specialists in Portland, Oregon and they refuse our insurance as it is out of state.

    Also d/Deaf college students who attend the only colleges and the only university for the deaf will need to travel 6 months of the year to CA/NY/DC unless they live there, and will this allow them to use their state Medicare+Medicaid in the states they travel to school and keep them safely covered during the drive there through other states?

  3. I am an advanced practice nurse and have to pay 1800 a month for my family plan with an 8000 deductible through the hospital I work at because I make a “higher salary.” With my student loans, saving for for my kids college, having to save for retirement due to the questionability of social security in 30 yrs I tend to wonder where my money goes every month. The system is broken and I see it first hand. Is this the answer? Who knows but it’s a move in the right direction. Your move GOP

  4. If the government take over insurance for health care wouldn't that be a monoploy. It sounds like the government wants to get their hands on more money to waste on more war. We would get screwed if the government took over health insurance.

  5. Every time gov get a hold a something everything goes up, you give yourself pay raises every yr then increase the taxes so you can get your raises next yr.from the working people. Obamacare went up with high ded. rents went up because of welfare etc. Why should working people pay for illegals immigrants and their babies for 18+ yrs? SS you pay into and have to wait until you are 62 yrs to collect.

  6. Good thing this is just a House bill. I can assure you the first stipulation will NEVER pass the Senate. Let the state medicaid programs deal with foreign nationals. Universal Medicare should be for AMERICANS period. VA and First Nations health services are a no brainer and where already part of the old HR 676. Since it's a federally administered program the transition may not take as long as the ACA rollout which relied on state cooperation to get done. Paying out of pocket for prescription drugs is okay as long as you get the PBM's out of the way for starters. Eliminating co-pays, deductibles, and premiums is the core of Medicare For All. If any bill claiming to be medicare for all does not include wiping out co-pays, deductibles, and premiums than it is simply NOT medicare for all. At that point it would be medicare for SOME.

  7. Anything govt touches goes way way way over budget and still doesnt deliver what the private sector can. Don't believe me?Get a govt job after working in the same profession in the private sector.

  8. Wouldn't it be prudent to study the cost and also the macro economic impact of putting huge publicly traded companies like anthem out of business?

    Since insurance is adding 30 percent more to the bills because of administrative costs, it seems logical to address the problem of insurance. Yet what's the best way to fix these problems in the least disruptive way? What are some options?

    Shouldn't major proposal changes take a look at the big picture in order to seek ways to mitigate negative effects and proceed prudently?

  9. They're forgetting to tell you that it'll be illegal for you to buy your own plan…this is nationalizing healthcare though…there are better ways to do this without the government controlling healthcare which if you ask anyone in any socialized healthcare country…sucks ass. Government administration would be terrible…have you seen anything run by a government that works well? Im all for better healthcare but this is not what this is about. This is about installing socialist programs that dont even work in our peer countries. If they really wanted to bring healthcare costs down they could impose a list of things that would do it…but no…why do that when you can control it all? Geez this deception is all over the place and people eat it up. Give me free healthcare…and behind you they silently remove more of your freedoms.

  10. So, still don't have any information on what it will cost just keep hearing free free free free free free and that is no answer. Taxes will have to cover this so lay out the financial cost and where the money comes from and if you can't then it sounds like smoke and mirrors to me. So far nothing on cost and how to pay for it just good sound bites.

  11. Please pass this bill! Medicare works, this will too. It works in other countries, with high life quality standards! Politicians wonder how this would be paid, but they don''t seem to wonder how military expenses, fighting and war would be paid.That's easy to do, paying for the fighting for the interests of a few 1% Americans.

  12. For-profit medical stocks plunged. A great sign that the foxes in the henhouse know they don't have any excuse to keep ripping off the American people. While there jerks make few billion holding the rest of us under a barrel, there are terrible costs to our well-being, as well as trillions (if you care about the numbers) in cost-overuns, productivity, innovation, and mobility as workers are afraid to change jobs or start their own businesses. Supply-demand economics never made sense in health care where there is potentially infinite demand and ability to exploit maximal profit for minimal service. If you walk into a doctors office with a knife in your back, it makes no sense some behind-the-scene Wallstreet speculators can force that doctor to charge you whatever the "market will bear" to take it out.

  13. An awful lot of the people complaining about the idea Medicare-For-All in general don't even seem to grasp the difference between the public sector taking over the payer function and the public sector taking over actual medical employment services. This is what happens when you have a corporate media that employs millionaires to spread disinformation to middle, working, and poorer classes. Getting them all to fight amongst each other while the insurance, hospital, and big pharma execs and mega-corporations sneak out the back window with the loot sacks.


    1. Trump's Tax scam
    2. Bushes tax farce
    3. The endless wars that were supposed to conclude many years ago
    4. The mass expansion of the incarceration state and neverending drug war
    5. Mass deregulation of banking and financial sectors

    don't tell me America cannot afford to do what virtually every other first world nation does. Sadly that is the vision of the modern oligarch. A few living in platinum palaces safe from the havoc they contribute to. While almost everyone else drives on roads that look like they belong in a third world nation. Loses everything they spent decades working for to a health emergency. And eventually cannot even afford to educate themselves well enough to realize what a raw deal they are really getting.

  14. Define “Quality Health Care”. Will it be the same or better than what you have? Every doctor you receive is top of the class? And the most experienced? Same Doctors? I get to keep my Doctor? Same Hospital? Sounds familiar.  
    There is "no limit whatsoever" on what the Government will pay for?? Really? And "any and all substance and mental health”? How does that work? Will it increase the number of practitioners? Facilities? Clinics? Will it increase the people that need to implement or will it turn into the DMV or any other government run office?
    Why is it when the roof is leaking (the US medical system) we are told we need to tear down the house (AHA, Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS, TriCare, VA, etc.)? And if Government run is such a good idea, then why do we need yet another system? Didn’t we just create affordable health care? Why can’t we fix what is already there?
    And the bill doesn’t even include market scoring and price, as RepJayal stated. You do not even know what the cost will be. Just like “you will have to pass the bill to see what’s in it." So no limit or cost estimation? Seriously. Doesn’t this even remotely sound like the last government created solution?
    There is one very good cost saving plan in this idea.  
    Just how easy do you think it will be to sue a negligent Federal doctor?

    You cannot complain about deficit spending under Trump and not complain about the deficit that this will create. It’s hypocritical.