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Rep. Nadler's shady ties to Russia exposed

Rep. Nadler's shady ties to Russia exposed

Congressman Jerry Nadler continues his push to investigate President Trump and his associates for alleged ties to Russia, but it may be Nadler himself who has ties to the Kremlin. One America’s Jack Posobiec has more.

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  1. Nadler and Trump have a history going back to the 80"s. When Trump wanted to build something in NYC and Nadley was on the NYC City Council and he refused Trump permission to build. This is when the feud started

  2. No surprise there. demokkkrats always accuse others of what they're doing. This is just another example. "It's okay for me but not for thee". that should be every demokkkrat campaign slogan.

  3. Pearson Sharp & Jack P do some good investigations. Thanks for posting this. Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist overheard Nadler's conversation. Interesting what she learned.

  4. Fat Jerry has too much pride, when he gets put in his place and looses big time, like most power drunk narcissists, he is incapable of humiliation or the ability to learn or make reasonable decisions.