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Rep. Nunes: Critical to hold 'mastermind' of Russia hoax accountable

Rep. Nunes: Critical to hold 'mastermind' of Russia hoax accountable

Congress returns from August recess, but for Republicans there’s still much unfinished business — especially concerning the Steel dossier, Fusion GPS, and the Russian collusion investigation. The former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, told one America’s John Hines why the time has come to hold the people behind Fusion GPS accountable.

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  1. Remember that Pelosi is responsible for Nadler, Cummins, and the other never-Trump-ers. These people are just plain stupid and proud of it. Their elite pride allows for every kind of lie to be promoted as America's salvation even to the point of a communist dictatorship for America. Hypocrites in charge is the most dangerous power structure because the smart psychopaths use them to take control. See Joseph Stalin…

  2. There is no Russia hoax except as the agenda of the Republicans. It is a diversion that's been used repeatedly to try to take the attenion away from Trump. Trump conspired with the Russians to interfere in our election process. And the Republicans are complicit with the Russians to do it again in 2020. Why has Senate Dictator McConnell allowed no election security legislation to go onto the Senate floor for a vote? Could it be that McConnell is in bed figuratively & financially, if not literally, with his Russian billionaire, money laundering Sugar Daddy thug, Oleg Daeripaska? Deripaska was part of the Paul Manifort Trump campaign election committe in 2016. Trump & Nunes & most of the Republican party are compicit with the Russians to subvert our democratic republic. That is the Deep State.

  3. Private courts are the only punishment that will be had for hundreds of high level federal officials committing treason, leaking, even covering up murder. Green light to all Deep State, go hog wild, nothing will happen, maybe you get sued privately.

  4. Why is it Schumer’s name never comes up? He is in on this COUP attempt from the very beginning. Remember his remark to Trump? Schumer said, Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,"
    He must know they are deep state, and were going after President Trump. I want to find out what he knows, why he knows, and when he knew it?
    You gotta have really huge balls to say that to a seated President, or your just really stupid. I believe the latter.

  5. I think it was all Bill's idea. Hillary is not bright enough, and Barack doesn't like either of them. Once they heard the plan, though, they were all in. They will all skate with zero punishment. Welcome to America, where justice is relative.

  6. Its Washington. nobody gets prosecuted, nobody will be held accountable. We the people are held to different standards. The elites don't put other elites in prison for fear of the appearance of taking political prisoners.

  7. Russia needs to launch theyre nuckear arsenal at us while we are weak because we are suffering from political civil war. Kim Jung Un needs to use his nuclear weapons at the right time to be victorious and the time is now.

  8. I've known guys like Nunes. He's the kind you never want to brawl with because the only way you stop him is by breaking legs and arms or killing him. That's what real men are like. Too bad for the Dems that there are always tough guys like Nunes around.