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Rep. Schiff likely knew about whistleblower complaint in August

Rep. Schiff likely knew about whistleblower complaint in August

Democrat Representative Adam Schiff is under public scrutiny as he continues to be a driving force in the House’s impeachment inquiry. Here’s more on why some believe the House Intelligence chairman is working with the whistleblower.

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  1. I found this link on the Twitter account of Jack "I cheat on my wife like Agent Orange" Posobiec. It's AMAZING how utterly corrupt, ethically, morally and factually he and the poor bastards who lap up Only Offering America Nihilism brand kool-aid are.

  2. If I was the Ukraine president I would sue Adam shift or make him step down for what he said and what he did in front of our hearing that is on record it either makes that President looks silly or week I would go after him with everything I had and I would allow the president to speak to anybody he needs to about it

  3. Adam is involved with this you should impeach him for holding information and knew about this hes the one that is breaking the law see how those stupid Congress spy on are president it should be a crime cause Hillary and Obama is doing all this what are they going to gain in corrupt are country don't they know there hurting as Americans too and other country laughing as all you fool's they just want this country too be all fuck up just because they are

  4. This is all crap. Of course Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi Barack Obama Hillary Clinton the heads of the CIA FBI doj National the heads of the CIA FBI doj National intelligence agency and every other government organization knew about this. The real question throughout the story that no one is asking is once the other side starts closing in on the Deep state how many Republicans will die in the process. These government agencies are notoriously for murdering people and covering up the murder. Does anyone really believe that the Deep state is just going to allow Donald Trump and his administration to take away what they have put in place over the last 50 years?

  5. Shifty Shitt is so DEEP involved in the Whistleblower BS……remember his daughter was married to the SON of the DISGUSTING WORLD CRIMINAL GEORGE SORO's and would commit any crime he is ordered to commit against a duly elected President by the People of this country……

    We are NOT going to STOP until JUSTICE is served and ALL those complicit in this COUP against OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT are ARRESTED, PROSECUTED and EXECUTED as they DESERVE!!!

    OUR PREsident is NOT a CRIMINAL…….how can he be if he has ALL eyes on him including the people who voted for him.

    President Donald J Trump knows that the majority of VOTERS STAND BEHIND HIM 1000%…..God almighty promised to EXPOSE the CORRUPTION and he Blessed this country with the Greatest President the United States has EXPERIENCED in ages!

    Those who hate him are criminal minded, ignorant, do NOT read or research to find the truth and therefore should stay away from VOTING in this country!! You are NOT Americans who love this country or know how to appreciate a GOOD thing when it is right in your FACE!!!

  6. How is it possible that Adam Schiff has advanced information even before the president of the United States of America, the US Marines an God???? When is Adam Schiff going to show us all the evidence that he has????

  7. Anybody with Half a Brain should know that President Trump will be disappointed if Biden drops out of the Presidential Race because Biden will Lose for the 3 time if He stays in. Unlike the Lying Scamming democrat leaders President Trump wants True Justice.

  8. There is no whistleblower, this is a political bumrush on our president. Patriots are growing weary of this shitshow. Shitty shiff, we know its you. So does our president.