New reports show CNN’s ratings are down once again. One America’s Luke Glaze has more on what may be the cause.

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  1. CNN will not survive by advertising revenues generated by viewer numbers. CNN will survive by undeclared financial help from the Democrats and their friends in such high places as Google, FaceBook, Twitter, and Wall St. Even if CNN has too few viewers to make it financially viable, it will survive by stealth.

  2. All they do is lie lie and lie. Ive not heard a single thing good they have said about trump. Ive realized they have been lying to us since he got into office about Trump. Forgive me President. I believed them for a long time and it was all lies

  3. Cuomo is a idiot, he tries to grand stand everything he dose on his show. Like his great debate, what  a joke, call it prime time debate if you have to. And  he always seems like he's instructing people and he's always right. And he must spend time every morning looking in the mirror practicing his facial expressions for when they do a close up of him. Like  he has them do 90% of the time.

  4. I wish you're right. Where did you get these numbers? It would have been nice to know. In any case, it's obvious that CNN is now, not only a leftist propaganda machine, it is a slandering, calomnious outlet. Not anything resembling a news channel anymore. It is not only terrible, it is truly dangerous for democracy, dangerous to the nation, and even dangerous to the world, as the US is, and always has been, a world model for democracy.

  5. The thing that should really be news here is that they've dropped 36% and don't give a fuck they continue with their lies they continue with everything that made those ratings drop so far which should be really scary

  6. MSM and social media have shown themselves to be crooked, biased, dishonest, and having an agenda that is not in America's best interests. Why would they ruin their credibility and destroy their ratings just to put out lies against our president? Because they are not a businesses seeking profit, nor are they a news organizations seeking to spread truth. Their messages are sinister, therefore, so are their puppet masters. They are the PR wing of a dark cabal.