Report: Top Viewed Political Videos

With Americans across the country cutting the cable chords, politicians are looking to get creative in order to get their name out to the public. One America’s Alex Salvi takes a look at some of the videos you may have seen.

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  1. Beto O'Rourke continues to display his unpatriotic agenda to gain votes from the corrupt people of the USA. He has no soul.
    The NFL kneeling was a complete disgrace and defended mostly people who were manhandled by the law because they resisted the law.

  2. Cortez is so stupid she just expose your own party Cortez is a dumbass and I really don't give a damn what that demonic Democrats have to say they are baby killers I had no good intentions for our innocent children whatsoever and I'll be damned I vote for damn communists Adam Schiff is a criminal that needs to be in GITMO !! I'm voting for Trump end of story !!