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Rod Rosenstein is Set to Learn His Fate at the Dept. of Justice

Rod Rosenstein is Set to Learn His Fate at the Dept. of Justice

The deputy attorney general is expected to meet with President Trump, following the bombshell New York Times report detailing insubordination at the Justice Department. One America’s Alex Salvi takes a deeper look at the controversy surrounding Rod Rosenstein.

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  1. We can use a few new sedition laws on the books to go hand in hand with our Constitutional definition of a traitor. Lets start dispensing some hard love to all these seditious leftist 'Haters of America". Revoke their citizenship and escort them straight to the nearest border.

  2. They were keeping Rod Rosenstein in place, this whole time, while Jeff Sessions worked behind the scenes to finish the Deep State. With RR in place, the Deep State was under the allusion that they were still in power and that the Trump Administration had no clue what was going on. The tweets from DT about Sessions are just a play act to once again have these people think that Donald Trump is not in control when nothing is further from the truth. It is only now that they are starting to realize that Trump knew from the minute he took office about the Obama Administration spying on him PLUS all the other sleazy stuff going on that he is going to charge them ALL for. Nobody is getting off, NOBODY. Get the popcorn ready….now that they are pretty much done their investigations, things are going to come out.

  3. They can't say Trump's trying to interfere with the investigation after hes' let them have two years and tens of millions of dollars! enough is enough!! Which is worse our country being torn apart by muellllor and the gang or if president Trump takes a stand and fires rosenstien?