Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy S9+ | Worthy upgrade?

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To upgrade or not to upgrade. That is the question. On one end we have the most powerful Samsung Galaxy of 2019, and on the other we have its predecessor. With all the heavy discounts out for last year’s model right now, I’m sure you’re wondering which one is best to either keep or grab. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy S9+, brought to you by dBrand.


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  1. Fantastic comparison video Jaime as always keep up the great work. I recently got the S10+ and what a phone very little to complain about samsung has really caught up with apple everything about the phone is quality would highly recommend..!!

  2. I got an S8 and I don't feel the need to upgrade, and if I did it'd be because of the looks. I don't think that going from an S9 would be much of an upgrade. It's like going from the iPhone X to the Xs. No need yet.

  3. it's not worth the upgrade the price is over and back glass same as s9 and camera change to put a tripple lens and put all but I see the similarity of s9 between the s10 and to make more experience to buy the new one but still keep the s9 than s10 and the number are only change

  4. Upgraded my s7 to the s9+, main contributing factors in my decision was features that I needed & could afford vs features that I wanted, but couldn't afford.

  5. I don't get it why duplicate apps matter as long as you can uninstall/disable them if you don't want them? First of all they give you options (some of those apps are subjectively better like Samsung Internet which gives you the ability to block ads). Second alternative apps (or android skins, modifications, etc.) are competitions. They force other developers like Google to improve their apps.

  6. I traded my S8+ for S10+ I am not I'm pressed. Battery life is no better. I shut down all the unneeded apps already.
    Navigating no different, for money spent on the S10+ I feel like I was robbed.
    Big mistake trading in my S8+

  7. Is it worth upgrading my S7 Edge to S10e? I'd like a more affordable (though it actually costs as much as S7 edge in 2016 but oh well), more compact Samsung flagship this time around but I'm a bit worried about the downgrade in screen resolution and battery size


  9. I traded my S 9 + for S10+ , the S 10 + is better phone , better display, battery, camera , and it feels lighter in hand , the only thing i don't like is the finger print scanner on S10 , the s9 is better.

  10. I bought the note 9 to avoid notches when they started to get popular. Don't regret my decision one bit. The only thing I'd like from the s10 over my note is HDR screen. Other than that, I much rather my thin bezels than a pill on screen.

  11. Hi. Do you feel the sound when touching the back of the phone ? I feel like they put the speaker on the back of the phone since you totally can feel it when volume is at 80%. I have s10 plus.