Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Pixel 3 XL: How many cameras do you need?

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The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a beast of a phone, providing a ton of features and options for multiple users. But how does this 3-rear-camera phone stack up against the reliable software-processed photos of the Pixel 3 XL? Josh gives us the rundown on these two large and in charge phones.

See Joshua’s real world camera test with the Galaxy S10+


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  1. As a Google shill, it's only a matter of time before the Galaxy phone cameras catch up to the Pixel camera. I wouldn't mind seeing it happen because that'd be cool but Google will always be a step ahead. I'll stick to Google phones, for now, they just need to get their shit together ffs.

  2. Lol is the camera alone worth the big ugly notch, poor ram management and ugly design? My s10+ with 1TB with 512gb micro sd is just the perfect combination. Way better and brighter screen, 12gb of ram, wide angle cam is a good added features for me as I love taking those wide shots by the lake and mountain. Battery is top notch with 4100 mah. I can't stand the dim display with just 450 nits max on the pixel 3 xl. The s10+ also come with a headphone jack that the pixel will never have. The camera on the pixel is good, but it's not as good as DSLR cam or mirrorless one. So if I really need to take those perfect shots then I'm taking my sony alpha a9 with me. Otherwise the s10+ is way more than enough. You buy a phone for the whole experience, not just for the camera alone. So for me it's not worth it to get the pixel unless you are a die hard fan of google which I don't blame you. But that ugly notch with no function is…well just overall ugly for $1000

  3. Any S10 beats the sh*t out of Google's crappy iPixels. And the iPixel 4 won't be able to beat it. Stock Android alone is enough to make it loose the battle.

  4. I just need one, iPhone's main camera, or Pixel's, or Galaxy's… All these phones main cameras are just great, no bullshit, no "that leave in the background is sharper on that one", the colors are more real in this one", etc, those kinda bullcrap reviews are for YouTubers who needs their jobs. All those fanboys argummenting on the comments would enjoy any of those.

    Pixel's night sight mode is the only real innovation, all the rest is just for the fanboys to fight over their toys.

  5. I sold my pixel 3 XL for the S10+ and so far overall the s10+ is a better Phone. The pixel however is a beast when taking photos and I haven't had time to really give the s10+ a thorough camera test yet but I think its going to to be hard to beat the pixel. Fingers crossed. 🀞🏻 phenomenal screen on the s10+ though. Wow

  6. Both great devices Samsung hardware and screen, Google usability and camera plain and simple. When your amongst the best flagships on the planet it's all about personal preference

  7. I love the pixel 3 xl, but man the camera really does have poor performance now. The pixel 2 xl was so much better on camera performance. I've noticed the camera issue since the first fix which I believe was the January security update that Google attempted to resolve ram management. I think the ram management that they did so other apps wouldn't close as often when you opened the camera app was too agressive causing poor camera performance. I much rather have good camera performance and have apps close then apps stay open with terrible camera performance.

  8. Providing versatility and being simply good are two different things. The reason why everyone compares their phone cameras and busy downloading the google camera app port explains a lot.
    The pixel is just too good