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In a quest for regaining the popularity it once had, Samsung has spent the last two years trying to re-invent itself. 2015’s Galaxy S6 line-up made deciding over them a question of price and looks, and not necessarily a question of improvements. The challenge is far more complicated today with both Galaxy S7s, as these phones are just as similar as they are different.

Chances are that if you’ve already made up your mind to buy, as many would say: the new Galaxy, you’re probably asking yourself which variant is best. This video is especially for you.


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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S7 edge | Pocketnow


Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Good review ! So if I don't care about design (witch in this case, the Edge is better) and battery life, since I'm traveling in my van and have lot of energy source for charging, I should go with flat version and don't lose anything, right ? I'm most interested in camera, to filming with the gimbal. So if the camera quality is the same, I rather prefer to keep those 100 bucks , in my pocket.

  2. I had both. Ended up with the S7 because that blue glare on the sides of the edge got really annoying. After having a Note for a few years its nice being back on a one-handed phone…

  3. Traded my S7 Edge back in for the S7. I just prefer the non curved screens. I did do a double take when looking at the frame around the display on the S7. It looks crooked in places. I had the rep at the Zagg kiosk look at it and he was starting to see what I was talking about. The tempered glass screen protector that he installed helped things a bit because that protector has a bevel around it. Really surprised at the build quality on this.

  4. I have the S7 Edge and what sucks I originally had it in Black Onyx but Tmobile stopped selling the black edge so after I went through the Note 7 Recall twice I had to end up with a S7 Edge in gold which really annoys me since i'm not a fan of the color and thinking of downgrading to the S7 but I am a huge media user on my phone and I really dont want a smaller screen 🙁

  5. Need a new phone after my G4 bootloop (bricked). Thinking of S7 since the camera (and vid) is simply amazing. I had the S6 edge for a week and the battery sucked so I swapped for G4. Battery good on both S7s?

  6. I want a regular s7 but on Verizon they have a sale going on until Dec. 10, 2016 so that you only have to pay $15/month instead of $33/month. They put the edge for more than half off, sooooo, that's a fuckin steal.

  7. i bought the edge and my friend dropped it and screen broke, and now i have to spend $400 CAD to replace the screen which is Crazy! so thats one big down side of the edge, because they have to change the whole screen and the covers which comes as one piece as the repair guy said. vs s7 normal display only cost $120 to change. so that one big issue if you drop and break the glass of your edge, which is very likely to break even from a short height drop, which what happens to mine. but i didn't have any case or cover for it!

  8. i have an s7 much better because it's comfy and nice and probaly won't blow up my fuckin' …..face!! i like my face;-;
    ….search in google…s7 explodes….you'll find only the edge

  9. The only thing that is preventing me from getting the edge is the availability of good screen protector. I have seen a lot of reviews that screen protectors for the edge are awful. Because I rather have a scratched screen protector than a scratched gorilla glass screen. Should I still get the edge?

  10. i want the normal s7. i feel that the unnecessary edge will get on my nerves. and it's too big for my taste. i don't really care about the battery. also, the screen on the edge is much more sensitive to scratches. and i don't care that the edge is more water resistant. both are great. but the s7 is just enough for me.