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A battle of big phones with VERY different personalities! Samsung has a reputation for packing a ton of hardware into each device, while Google’s main focus is on steamlining software for speed and reliability. Which philosophy wins your cash? It’s time for a showdown! Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Google Pixel XL!
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Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Google Pixel XL – Big phone battle! | Pocketnow


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  1. MO: Samsung is a Better company and a Better Product with features ( software enhancements ) that targets a certain social demographic. Where- As Pixel targets a certain demographic that's looking for no nonsense – no bloat-ware experience, Both are wonderful phones and offer their own unique experience

  2. yeah…coming back to this video after more than a year…the S8 Plus is 650$ …the pixel XL is 400$ …and regarding the updates on the pixel…getting from android 8.0 to android 8.1 the latest official version makes the pixel get hot even when I watch YouTube…too many updates are not good…even if they come directly from google…I'm disappointed with the pixel…but that HDR+ is the best

  3. The pixel xl is better than the s8 plus the pixel xl has a score of 90 in cameras and 91 points in video while the s8 plus has a score of 88 in cameras and 88 points in video in photography video recording and stabilization is better the pixel xl

  4. Best buy has this pixel phone on sale for 120 dollars with their 5 dollar a month payment on this phone its not 769.00 its 120.00 . Just don't be stupid and pay over 120.00 and it will make it a lot better phone than the Samgung .

  5. What is the advantage of "more up to date software" if it has less capabilities and less security? Galaxies are the only mobile devices currently certified by the nsa. The thing is a digital safe.

  6. I have both. I seriously thought I wouldn't like the Pixel as much. However, the user experience is WAY better with the Pixel. I honestly feel like all the features and hardware can't make up for the the smooth software that works so amazingly on the Pixel.

  7. 2009: samsungs and apples launched
    2009-2015: MORE samsungs and apples launched triying fighting each other for da glory of microchips.
    2016: Google pixel launched
    Mid 2016 in the Apple and Samsung HQ: KABOOM

  8. Google pixel XL got nice software and it is very smooth compared to Galaxy s8+. The only problem is that Google pixel looks ugly asf. I hate it's design, especially the back looks old fashioned. 🙄

  9. Can someone help me? I hear people saying that the S8's software is worse than the Pixel's software. I have an iPhone 6s and I'm gonna upgrade soon and I'm deciding between Pixel and S8. So, even though Samsung's software isn't as good as Pixel's software, is the Samsung software still better than IOS 10?