Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review: The smartwatch final frontier! | Pocketnow

Juan’s on a quest to replace his beloved Pebble smartwatch. The most recommended replacement in our comments? The Gear S3 Frontier. After spending some time with it, is his quest over? Let’s take a look!

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review: The smartwatch final frontier! | Pocketnow


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  1. I bough both of these and they are garbage. Watch won't hold charge after a software update (sent back to the factory twice) and IconX is the most hated and garbage that Samsung has ever produced. Had to send back the buds 4 times because one year would always die off (design problem). Best phones in the world though. Still got a note 9 and very happy with it.

  2. Had the watch for little over a year and just had to send it in because of a software problem. The issue cost me $73 because it was out of warranty. The watch when it worked was good. Research before you buy. I just bought the Ticwatch Pro , so far its a nice running addition.

  3. I have ticwatch e. I look for response time, speaker, Nfc able to make calls. The only issue I have with the frontier is replying to text messages. With my ticwatch I have swipe on Google keyboard. Does this watch support Google keyboard

  4. Pause at 5:00… It shows the Samsung watch having limited capabilities with other android phones with calls, messaging, email and wi-fi sync. I really like the design and I think it is the best looking smart phone but the watch seems to be weakened in features for non Samsung phone users.

  5. Seriously, now either make it a phone replacement, albeit temporarily during the day, or go with a beautiful stylish mechanical real watch, and a small cheap smartphone, with you.

  6. “Frustrating to have to complete a gesture to look at the watch” Um, don’t you naturally do that with a regular watch, I don’t see this being an issue unless it’s sitting on your desk doing nothing.

  7. For some reason I receive notifications before my phone does, when it's a text message the watch receives it up to 20 seconds before the phone does. The notification on the phone isn't there either until 20 seconds later, so I have to dismiss on my watch then dismiss on my phone when it eventually goes through.

  8. this thing makes it way too easy to cheat on tests. i take pictures of notes then have them uploaded to the screen. and my teachers don't appear to be suspicious of how often i check the time.

  9. i wanted to get it, so that duuring my days off of work, i can wear it and leave phone at home, and casually have texts and calls. all the time, and eliminate as much lugage as possible.

  10. Yeah, it’s a beautiful, decently operational smart watch… but still pretty unpractical when you still need to carry your smart phone… and even any watch that can take a sim/or operate without the phone… won’t have the functionality/accessibility we’re already used to from our smartphones