Prominent YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, or Carl Benjamin, talks to Politics UK in an extensive interview about why he joined UKIP, his reaction to Alex Jones being banned and his support for Tommy Robinson.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Getting ready for the inevitable backlash because I didn't support Tommy Robinson.

    These are the tweets I had on my phone

    Yes they were from years ago, yes he now says he has changed. Maybe he has, maybe he hasn't. I'm sure I will (I already have within 10 minutes of uploading) get a load of vile abuse for my questions. I urge people to be more nuanced and understand we don't all agree on every topic.

    Best – Steven

  2. if twitter is a public platform.. .why isnt the first amendment a right.. and is alex jones and many others.. banned.. if it applies to trump.. it aplies to all.. ales jones is not a quantum particle.. you cant have free speech and be banned..

  3. This would be a more engaging and interesting interview if you had a less sterile set – Carl looks like the coppers have him 'up against the wall' – that also included the interviewer in the picture.

  4. I share Sargon's politics, but I only briefly subscribed. He is a smart commentator, and his more polished vids are great, but so much of his channel is just him calling some wittless lefty YouTuber a "lunatic." Just not something that's worth devoting my headspace to.

  5. Sargon is a hugely underrated thought leader in our current day and age. Just because he hasn't published any books or appears in the mainstream often causes people to disregard him a run of the mill skeptic vlogger. He's alot more than that and his evolution into activism proves it.

  6. You might be interested in a LBC show from Wednesday during Darren Adams show.
    Its the 2nd hour the segment about a cashless society the 2nd call talks about how a cashless society would be a bad thing and talks about how Alex Jones was shut down and how in future any of us could also be shut down for our political views.

  7. This channel and many like it are exactly why the Main Stream media is dying. It’s an honest debate between two people who obviously don’t agree on everything, but surely that’s the point! Open and honest debate, something you will not see on the BBC.

  8. You can't be a thing and be the alternative to that thing. Just as you can't be far right and authoritarian, the left right line is an economic spectrum from socialism to capitalism. If you take capitalist philosophy to its extreme you end up at anarchy.