Science of the Hyperloop

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, the tube transit system that seems straight out of sci-fi, is gaining more and more attention, but how exactly does it work? Here’s a brief overview of the science behind this revolutionary invention.

Produced by Monica Manalo. Narrated by Will Wei.

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  1. and so build a bigger vacuum tubes to go in space can be a great deal just with 4 lawyers electromagnetic motor left and right it give more force energy so it can go up to the space
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  2. hyperloop is good to go in space ……is the best way for less money in the propulsion energy magnetic propulsion in space…..our electromagnetic propulsion aircraft…our electromagnetic motors …so far so good hyperloop it start build new tools for the future energy propulsion for less the cust…thank you for support

  3. Love the concept, but is there a way to ensure that the capsule's track doesn't become dislodged from the stators if the tube is swaying? If you make the stator's gap too wide then it doesn't really hold the capsule upright, but make it too narrow and if one the stators is off by just a few inches then couldn't that cause a crash?

  4. By "science of the hyperloop" you mean a long series of surface level X will do Y statements that have no grounding in reality. 6 years on, and nobody has even a model of a capsule with a compressor or air bearings. The one failing company that's done anything relevant – hyperloop one – went to maglev.

    Why would you put solar panels on it? Why not build a plant? Sticking panels on something doesn't improve something. Tell all of your tech journalist buddies.

  5. 13 seconds in and you already fucked up
    It's not elons musks hyperloop and not his invention.
    The concept of a vacuum train is not new, it's a concept of the early 19xxs…
    Elon just slapped a new name on it, and made everyone go apeshit crazy about it.

    Elon is just like that eddison dude, who takes over others inventions and markets them as their own.
    invented the lightbulb my ass edision – you wouldn't even find the broad side of a barn if you were in it.
    same goes for elon.

  6. eddy current propulsion is a great concept if you grew up in the 1800's but create a field in which you can push against using eddy currents and you have anti gravity. Crazy but picture this, a aluminum plate passing though a magnetic field it which creates resistance which it pushes up. the mechanism resembles two aluminum plates with at t shaped field generator. ps. the aluminum wheels are counter rotating with the field generator frequency same as rpm,s . got to go to a 51 now should not drink whille on va ca. thanks

  7. Well it work the same way as a maglev train (magnetic levitated train) but because for now the maglev speed is limited because of air fricsion that where hyperloop came in making the railway a vacuum (well not really) as explained on the video reducing the air pressure by a large margin

    But it will be really expensive the japan bullet train is said to cost 100 billion dollar to make

  8. I actually did not know that there was any science behind the hyperloop at all. I thought that it was something Elon Musk just thunk up on the spur of the moment and now people are trying to figure out how to make it work.

  9. You know, even if the hyperloop works, it still requires expensive infrastructure that is not easily moved or modified. Cars and airplanes still maintain greater flexibility of being able to travel to a variety of locations with less infrastructure costs. So the hyperloop might be good as a major arterial path for popular, well-traveled locations, but you'll still need other transportation alternatives for traveling to and from the hyperloop connection.

  10. China may tariff soy beans.A tunnel thru the Andes in a hyperloop vacuum tube will bring soy beans to the Pacific coast.Jiaotong University (a railroad engineering school with government funding ) has designed and tested a small maglev train in a hyperloop system at 1,000 km/hr.

  11. From an engineering point of view this is stupid for any travel distance, I think it has been tried already and the ~power to unit travel over time~ ratio is way on the wrong side of green and also of economy. If you don't give a stuff about global warming and you are prepared to pay a shitload to get there safe and fast, this is your ride.

  12. For all you skeptics out there, remember Walt Disney's idea for a theme park was trashed many times and Opera was fired after being ridiculed as an news anchor. Stop being so damn negative.