After repeatedly promising not to have a snap general election for many months, it shouldn’t be a surprise May finally gave in, or perhaps this was the plan all along…

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  1. BREXIT¬†¬† MEANS¬†¬†¬† BREXIT¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† THE¬† PEOPLE¬†¬† HAVE¬†¬†¬† SPOKEN………….¬†¬†¬†¬† >>>> VICTORY¬† FOR¬† BRITISH¬† DEMOCRACY

  2. Brexit is so important that I can't consider voting anything else other than for Conservatives, this time. I just hope they stick to their so called hard Brexit pledge and don't try the half in, half out route.

  3. Im a UKIP supporter and have voted that way in the last 3 elections, but I will vote Conservative this time. I think May is the best person to lead us out of the EU.

  4. biased media corrupt government currently being investigated for fraud it's disgusting wouldn't surprise me if the election was fixed how can he be the least popular Labour leader you fool because of him the party is now the biggest in Europe

  5. iswearenglish…And that really pisses me off no end,the only person that can keep the country together is the same person who's first line of attack is the weakest 'disabled' ,the poor and the hard working exploited,I'm not talking about the won't work idle rubbish but those that try and do their best only to find that they can't even put decent food on the table after the bills they have to pay, exploited by greedy landlords and bosses and can't do anything about it because of one mans enormous unwarranted ego, I also heard him on the today program saying he would ease class sizes using the change to inheritance tax,the lying ? has already used that money to pay for free school dinners,its like you have ¬£100 and ¬£1000 debt but you're going to pay them all with the same ¬£100,the J.A.Ms aren't just about managing they Just Aren't Managing and its a f,ing disgrace,as for the lib dems,don't make me laugh,first of he's no Liberal because he as a devout evangelical Christian believes that the homosexual act is a sin (as a lay person you can believe what you like)not 'liberal' at all and is hell bent on reversing Brexit after a Democratic vote so no Democrat either, just a slug of a human being, so we are Royally screwed,only good thing about it is he will be gone after a May landslide then maybe David Milliband will run,I think he would be a good leader and possibly win in 2022,yeah I know its a long time 1750+ days, doesn't sound quite as long as 5yrs,anyway rant over for now, feel better getting it of my chest.

  6. A Vote for May means
    1) WW3
    2) Private NHS
    3) Unnecessary suffering of countless many for the profit of the few.

    Labour-Brexit is better than Tory-Brexit only if Corbyn is in charge!!!

    Without Corbyn there is no difference between Labour and Conservatives!!!

    UKIP are disguised Conservatives!!!
    The corporate fraction of Labour are disguised Conservatives!!! They want conservatives to win!!!
    SNP is exactly the same as UKIP but referenced to Scotland, where as UKIP is referenced to UK!!!
    SNP is less fascist than UKIP!

    Do Vote for Corbyn's Labour Party to fix the mess created by the Conservatives and the Neoliberal ideas of corporatist Blair! 

    Lets hope Corbyn will not support Trump!
    Lets hope Corbyn can make SNP's demand for referendum obsolete!
    Lets hope Corbyn will make Brexit good for the people instead of the corporation owners!

    May-Cameron created an utter mess! Now she wants somebody else to clean it or….she wants a¬†vote of confidence that the mess is acceptable!!!!!!

  7. You make some very disproportionate clams in your narrative.
    There is absolutely no mention of the fact that nearly 30 Conservative MPs legitamacy in government is in question because of the election fraud investigation. Something very large to omit! Do you not think that this scandal has some bearing on Theresa mays calling a snap election? You say yourself that she has a slim majority. If the fraud investigation finds against a significant number of them, it would call into question the legitamacy of the whole 2015 election.

  8. JUNE MARKS THE END OF MAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If anyone tells you Labour have no policies they are lying.
    £10 minimum wage for all workers over the age of 18.
    Ban companies based in tax havens bidding for government contracts.All rented accommodation to be fit for human habitation.==Renationalise the railways.==
    Renationalise the NHS . Free school meals for primary school children. Create a National Education Service. ==Scrap tuition fees== .Restore NHS.Bursaries Increase the carers allowance.Create a National Investment Bank.End the public sector pay freeze.End sweetheart tax deals between HMRC and massive corporations.Stop major corporations ripping off their suppliers.==Reverse the Tory corporation tax cuts.===Defend Human Rights.Zero Hours Contracts ban.Holding the Tories to account over Brexit Housebuilding Combat inequality.
    Vote Labour for the 99% not the 1%.

  9. Some rumors in the press and hints from the ministers and economic situation about higher taxes after the election.
    With May being much more like a pre-Thatcherite 'one-nation' Tory I think this is probably quite likely.
    We will probably see taxes rise by around 2.5% of GDP to 40% – on a par with the early 1980s (which was the peak mind you!)
    This level of taxation would provide enough money to 'save' the NHS (i.e. put the spending path back towards the 4% a year real increase which it has needed since it's inception) and also provide enough money to put more into infrastructure spending as well. If the Tories also scrap the aim to get the budget deficit down then there could even be enough to encourage more house-building (probably in the form of government-owned rentals like in Germany).
    This could be achieved by putting VAT up to 25% (which get's you 1.5% of GDP in more revenue) and increasing the rates of income tax from their current 20%, 40% and 45% to 22%, 45% and 50%

  10. I will be very surprised if it is a landslide victory (usually defined as a majority over 100) as a lot of the seats Labour has left are pretty damn safe ones (needing swings of over 25%!)
    I expect the Tory majority to increase to around 50, the only way it could realistically go higher is if May could take a significant proportion of the seats currently held by the SNP and I think there are two chances of that: Fat and Slim ūüôā

  11. Labour were on the down ever since the last few years of Tony Blair and his disaster, who is a war criminal at best. The backstabbing between the Miliband brothers and then the picking of the wrong brother as leader, along with the pushed NHS and public service sell offs and then financial crises that we all knew would happen with housing becoming less affordable, and yet Labour still encouraged the public to run up huge household debt. You'd think it couldn't get any worse. Then along comes Corbyn…
    "Thought Labour was bad before? Here hold my drink, Watch this ;)"

  12. One thing the British like doing is proving pundits wrong, if only to prove that they are NOT controlled, so don't bank on a landslide anything. I wouldn't be surprised to see a complete shambles and a bun-fight afterwards with may having to go to coalition and or resign. DON'T start trying to tell the British HOW TO VOTE. I thought you would learn from the Referendum, but you twats never do. NEVER, fcuk you and punditry!

  13. A vote for Tory is a vote for rising inequality, a broken NHS, more crushing Austerity, more tax breaks to the richest few, more hate, potentially more wars and a big fuck you to Britain.

  14. 2:56
    Absolute bullshit. The opposite is true and polls are fabricated to convince you that Corbyn is not popular when in fact he is the most popular leader Labour has had in living memory.
    Not popular my arse. Lies, lies, lies.

  15. There's nothing 'snap' about it . It's just a general election. You could say that it's an early general election but not a 'snap' election. It's not more a 'snap' election than a cold spell is a cold 'snap'.

  16. It will not be a landslide for anyone in one sense.I have been pretty successful in my political betting e.g last April I placed a bet on T.May being P.P by the end of the year winning £800,as soonas she did,I bet she would make Boris foreign secretary,winning another £400,then this year a tidy little sum on the Stoke by election.I am going to have a bet that this election will have the lowest turn out since the war. If I can get good odds I will go for a turn out of %40-45.Nobody is really interested in it.

  17. I really wish that Jeremy "I don't really want to remaIN, but it's my party's position" Corbyn gets a seat in the next Brexit majority gov't. I'm rooting for a massive Brexit win.

  18. as much good as the Tories under may have done. I do fear the idea of one party being to powerful because then it becomes a one party state. I do hope in the next few years a worthy opposition does arise from the ashes of this election to finally intellectual challenge the Tories. the conservatives without a true opposition will become lax and lazy and might go a bit power mad. Well Done comrade corbyn you have single handily destroyed the only real sized rival to the Tories. along with the parliamentary system of government and opposition in one move. Your picture will indeed be in the history books with your comrade Stalin but not for the reasons you want it to be.