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Socialist policies increasingly popular among Democrat presidential candidates

Socialist policies increasingly popular among Democrat presidential candidates

With the 2020 race right around the corner, a growing number of Democratic presidential candidates appear to be adopting more socialist policies. One America’s Adonis Albright has more on why the political ideology is becoming more mainstream among Democrat politicians.

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  1. oh honey I came from socialism in your very Soviet Union …
    it's not fare when do many have so little and so few have so much…what do you do ?? you divide equially what is …then what ? and who do you think is going to be dividers ??? in your case !!!…..look ..that's who …and you think they will have the same amount then you ?! so you re distibuted from the hands of the CREATORS OF WEALTH into the hands of the USERS OF THE WEALTH ideolgy don't create…it not a machine it's zero! . so you will be poorer …and they will stay as they are now !!!!! and better because then they will dipoppulate !!! and bring Sharia to keep you in line who's left ARAB SLAVE TRADE was in full effect in 1920 still …so .here you are .My poor parents who brought us out that HELL WITHOUT TOILET PAPER are turning in there graves.
    wake up ! please

  2. Warren says – gee I grew up in Oklahoma and I thought everybody who lived in Oklahoma was a Cherokee. No, the Cherokee Nation was forced to march from their homelands to Oklahoma, then they were forced out again by the land rush.. Everyone in Oklahoma knows that. And this is the Intelligence you want for POTUS? Someone who is proud of abusing the Native Americans.

  3. Anyone's who wants socialism read Animal Farm always remember who voted for socialism not going to benefit is the person who you vote for and he or she going to still live a captialist life remember in a socialist system all people are equal but some are more equal than some

  4. All these DEM O RATS are doing is what they are great at,DECIVING YOU!!!! They tell you want you want to hear, when you suckers vote them in, they turn on you and take your money, they want booze & power over you!!!!TRUMP 2020  !!!!!!!

  5. Socialist scum are out to eat this country whole.they see how much maduro and like minded buttbuddies in commie arms pocket from purposefully ineffectual governing and want a piece.death to them all.they are puppets of China and need to be squashed like the bugs they are.the Chinese ant "people" wont take this country so easily