Many mainstream media outlets are pushing back on the president’s comments regarding South African farmers.They’re claiming murders and land grabs are not happening.

One America’s Jack Posobiec has more.

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  1. Sounds to me like the South African whites are just angry that they no longer control the country and have absolute political power. Also, expropriation is a legal right of a nation, even the US has "eminent domain" which enables the government to seize property or land.

  2. If you would like to see what really goes on in south Africa, what the murders REALLY look like, Google images of the victims of farm murders in SA. It is not simply kill, it's gruesome torture and then kill. The world needs to see.

  3. Once people do their own research and cross compare data on the subject they will find out who is really behind the main stream media and the agenda with it. For those who want to know, I press you to investigate and you will find the answer. Just be prepared for the truth that follows. Be decent and honorable with that truth, and do what you can do to fight against this sickness in the most civil way without any hate or violence. Be diligent and unwavering against something that is truly this bad, but you have to make sure to not let that consume you and make sure to always be a civil human being to others!

  4. Im a 16 year old boy on a farm in SA… Sadly I fear if im gona see my mom and dad the next morning…
    Wondering if some people wil come and brutally murder us in my sleep…..

    Send help

    Do your self a favour and go look up the movie"Treur Grond" to trully understand waht the reality of our situation is 😥