SpaceX's Amazing Plan To Get Us To Mars

SpaceX has been whispering about its Interplanetary Transport System for years. Now, it has finally unveiled a beautiful animation of what this system will look like and how it will take humans to Mars.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. How much would it cost round trip to go to Mars on that rocket and where on Mars would they stay??? There is no space hotel on that planet.

  2. Everyone is making space travel seem like its easier…its not…the gravity differences will cause harmful alterations in space and on planets with enough of a gravitational difference…plus the radiation levels will cause more damage to the body…for space travel to not harm people there need s to be a type of magnetic shield, and artfical gravity in the ship…its just too much of a difference.

  3. Kinda cool…but lower gravity and more radation do not complement humans…the trip will last around 5 months, and aatronuts need to rehab for months after stays in space…so who's going to help them rehab on the first trip? No one will be there…

  4. Why spend all the money and time to colonize a planet with too little gravity for adults to stay healthy, no less childbirth and child rearing complications?

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  6. The day I watched this conference is the day I decided to become a chemical engineer. I'm taking calculus 3 this fall. Elon Musk and his teams are personal heroes of mine. I hope they can do their first tests with the BFR in 2019.

  7. I think terraforming mars is a great idea but think about it.
    We are going to have wars on mars too so where ever you go its never "quiet".
    Only the strongest Continents and Armys are going to truly "have" mars.
    Thats what makes me sad.
    When mars is destroyed where next? Europa? Titan?
    Thats why we humans should get along.
    Think about it there are humans fighting with humans.
    That doesent makes sense to me.
    Hopefully you can understand me.