Stamps Can Make Plain Concrete Look Like Masonry

These moulds make ugly looking concrete look like masonry design. Concrete stamping is a method of decorating concrete, replicating the look of bricks, tiles, and slates, and at a lower cost.

The process can be applied to walls as well as floors too, making it quite versatile and quickly growing method of choice when decorating concrete.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. What’s the price difference between the labor and materials it takes to do that vs the labor and materials to just lay real pavers? I think it looks like garbage compared to the real thing but if it’s 10x cheaper I could see it being a option. Only issue is lower income people will most likely have an asphalt driveway and the only other place this would be realistically used would be a pool deck but if you’re already spending the money to build a pool no one in their right mind would chose to finish it with this vs real pavers if it’s not saving them thousands or unless they love the look….which I doubt

  2. Do you honestly believe people in the olden days would have laid thousands of bricks if they had the capability of pouring solid concrete walls? That's like imprinting coca cola labels on solid steel to make it look aluminum 😂

  3. Pigeons invented this method, every time someone pours on new concrete, the freaking pigeons decide to leave their 3 toe feet stamped on the new concrete. Nothing new.