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Steven Bailey Vs. Xavier Becerra — SANCTUARY CITIES

Steven Bailey Vs. Xavier Becerra -- SANCTUARY CITIES

Do Californians support Republican Steven Bailey or Democrat Xavier Becerra on sanctuary cities?

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Oh how good it is to see so many like-minded Californians are out there. Makes me believe that we are fed up enough to get out the vote and start making positive, intelligent choices for our state. I am tired of the world shaking their heads in wonder at how we survive from day to day. Enough with sanctuary idiocy, open borders and treating us like cash cows. The current regime will continue this states downward spiral if we let them. Vote, Vote, Vote Red! Do it for California and for the USA.

  2. Be smart Californians. VOTE RED!!!!! California will never recover with Democrats in charge. All dems are capable these days is Doom and Gloom. Not a good agenda at all. As a matter of fact, the dems have become un-american. They offer nothing for Americans.

  3. This is a one party State any hope or desire to save it with real truths and solutions are long gone that ship sailed in1986 when Reagan give Amenisty to illeagals alien from central Americawe've been Fuck every sense

  4. Honduran flag waving "young healthy fat "refugees" are sticking it up our stupid American asses and laughing at us. Today the 4 star Marriott in Kansas City took in 150 Guatemalans for a month at $220 per day per room paid for by the US taxpayer.

  5. The bigger tale of a treacherous anchor baby and his Pakistani operatives is slowly bein' exposed! Lil Debbie is also implicated. One day this outhouse of demo-rats will fall. Guantanamo for them all!

  6. California is a lost cause , it has been governed for too long by people that only want to stay in power ,and do not have the best intentions, pelosi waters bacera brown and so many more ,only care about serving themselves, promising a utopia but only delivering, open comunisim,, drug use on public sidewalks ,homeless people every where people shitting on public streets more people leaving than any other state ,gangs and crime is through the roof ,so i dont think it will ever get any better for normal people trying to raise a family ,also ever notice you're politicians never live near any of this so they could care less about the liberal policies they keep enacting ,you cant have a drinking straw but the govt will supply druggies with syringes, paid for by your taxes,so keep voting democrat if this is what you want more of ,,GOOD LUCK CALI

  7. It's NOW OR NEVER fellow Californians as Republicans,conservatives,even moderates, independent. If U LOVE California if u HATE what we as a state have become PLEASE VOTE DEMS OUT all of dem

  8. There is no middle class in California, you can make 100K a year, and you would be below the poverty level in San Francisco. The Left's Utopia is now a reality, The rich lefty's that own and run it, and the poor who serve the elite leftists.Yeah, Born and raised there, the 60's, 70's, were great, the 80's weren't too bad either. But once the Left figured out how they could cheat, and steal elections, they signed up every illegal alien from Africa, to China to Mexico and South America, promising free shit for Votes. As long as they voted Democrat, maybe we can get President Trump to build a wall between California and the rest of the U.S., better hurry though, as soon as California's economy collapses, from giving all the illegals their free shit, and there are no more taxpayers left, because they could no longer afford to support the illegals free shit in California, while their own children go hungry. There will be an explosion of greedy little lefties, heading east to turn those taxpayers into their cash cows! Signing off from the People's Socialists Republic of California….

  9. California is a dictatorship run by communists. They do what they want when they want and don’t care about breaking the law. They thumb their nose at the Federal Government knowing full well the Feds won’t do anything to stop them. They have turned a once Beautiful state into a cesspool and will continue to destroy this country. What have the socialists brought to the table of life that’s been beneficial and meaningful to mankind? They bring slavery, poverty and death.
    Vote Republican and save California.

  10. California has 101 Sanctuary cities, the rest of the country has 256 more Sanctuary status cities and counties, ALL housing 60-100 million immigrants absorbing Billions of tax payers money, plus destroying America from the inside out. Research it, very easy to do, Prove to yourselves our country is being taken away from the inside RED DAWN is here and the Democrats have been the driving force for years.