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Stop the Tape! Congress Failing to Accept Reality

Stop the Tape! Congress Failing to Accept Reality

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. SUSAN COLLINS needs to be checked out. She is dirty as the day is long. She looks real easy to crack. Republicans should open an investigation into her and watch her crack and sing. Some one should get to her.

  2. When you are a demdick you don't notice that and turn a blind eye by watching cartoons all day you are not with reality, you are in an acid fantasy world, Dee plane, Dee plane, period…..

  3. I don’t understand, if I have to have a visa & be vetted to come to America on a holiday from NZ, how is it ok for people to just walk in, so if I holiday in Mexico & walk across the border am I then entitled to everything America has to offer, or am I too white for the same entitlement???

  4. NO the other party is just like the first party and also wants open borders , both party's are the same and work for the corp's and the banks , quite picking sides and start screaming at these obstructionist asshole's to do their jobs! the reason everything in the government is f**ked up is because They want it that way . the 545 do not work for us anymore and this how they get by with this crap by one word "CHAOS" plain and simple, they must all be removed.

  5. If the real power of this country wanted this stopped it would be over TOMORROW. After following this for years, I really feel like the dem vs GOP spectacle is a dog & pony show. The GOP push harder when they can't (or don't want to win) and the dems push harder when they can't win.

  6. Conmensens it's an invasion to AMERICA it's bad get a clue it's a civil war AMERICA stand ur ground we the tax payers pay u politics to do wats rite stoo illegals immigrants infestation

  7. Collins…from Maine…
    Maine may b 1 of the few places that I haven't seen illegal south of border types,
    however it's been a couple years since I was there,so maybe they've showed up since then to go
    w/what I did see & that was islamics
    That this is the Republican from Maine is not a good look 4 this state,but
    it is the northeast & that pretty much sums up what there is to work with there.