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Stop the Tape! Democrats Attack Tax Cuts

Stop the Tape! Democrats Attack Tax Cuts

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  1. I think that if you showed the Founding Fathers how America is today with taxation, they'd simply go back to the 18th century, and forget about revolting against King George.

  2. Well I guess it's time to turn the tables on Schiff. If this man can continue to keep the country divided then America needs to go after him with trash. Investigate every aspect of his life.

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  4. Only liberals could shed a bad light on the fact that people are giving the Government less of their money in the form of an interest free loan throughout the year. Sounds like AOC economics … And when exactly did the President promise "Larger Income Tax Refunds"? Good lord these guys are morons…

  5. The USA's days are numbered. In the past 50 years the population has grown from 200,000,000 to 330,000,000 while net tax payers (those paying more in than they suck from the government trough) have not replaced themselves with children. The increase has come from the baby making machines of Latin America, Africa, and the 'hoods.

  6. It's a tight labor pool but all I see is truck driver or Uber driver or minimum wage retail or fast food or restaurant jobs. And if I do get an application into a potential good job the damn pshrink designed assessment keeps me from getting it. I once applied, over time, for the same job five times. Each time I answered the assessment questions, and they were the same each time, from a different emphasis: past jobs, honesty, Christian, company first, customer first. And got the same response on all five; "You did not score high enough on the assessment."

  7. Ok the government can stop spending our money on bullshit investigation and get to work on our country also we have gotten raises an bonuses because we are working maybe the government should try working like they were appointed to do fat chance of that ber

  8. Of course Dummycrats (& RINOs) attack tax cuts: their intention is to destroy the USA by any & all means possible, & this includes taxing folk into poverty (out of house & home)!
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    #FakeNews Is Public Enemy #1
    – – –
    Bet that you were like me & didn't know that Hillary Clinton's Mentor was a high level KKK "leader" named Senator Bird (until Q Anon came along with real news)…
    because the #FakeNews Personnel don't want us to know important stuff like this.
    – – –
    Guess What, Congress…
    Congress CAN'T STOP a US President Acting Within The Powers Granted Him By We the People (as outlined in the Constitution)…
    And Defending Our National Borders Was One Of The Reasons We the People Needed a National Leader As COMMANDER AND CHIEF of the ARMED FORCES (Including Militia).
    Our Nation has been invaded in the past by an army, by bandits, & by small groups of saboteurs & spies…
    The ARMED FORCES (& sometimes along with federal law enforcement) under the direction of the President has always been used to counter such threats!
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