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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Americans are cheering them on because our education system has gotten so bad most Americans don't even know what's in the Constitution. Also, shouldn't these people in congress be arrested for perjury? They swore to uphold the Constitution, and now they're trying to go around it.

  2. Illegal Aliens are not Immigrants………………………………….. "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”…… "War Propaganda", in volume 1, chapter 6 of Mein Kampf (1925), by Adolf Hitler

  3. Would like to see some big beautiful walls placed around Mad Max Waters with bars and locks where she can sit and ponder her mistakes for at least 10 years. Mexico is actually paying for the WALL which is obvious to most people with a brain…which excludes Mad Max and her group of brainless cohorts.

  4. Hey Mad Max we the people don't mind people coming into the country as long as they do it legally not just crossing into the country illegally. What part of illegal don't you understand the I or the L, you blooming idiot.

  5. If Hollywood made a movie about the risks, and a major donor to the Dem party is questioning it, along with people in California are getting very worried about it, it probably means it will be fine, and this is a ploy to undermine the efforts to limit how much orgs like FCC and EPA can over regulate the USA. Now that being said, where is the watchdog group that is doing independent testing on 5G, those are the kinds of facts i need to make an informed decision about 5G

  6. Not only is Maxine against national sovergnty she is also allowing the racial change in traditional Black neighborhoods in California, like Compton. I can see black homelessness on the rise out west and

  7. Waters and her incompetent brothers and sisters, have no concern for the immigrants, their only concern is for the votes they represent. The Democrats have traded votes, for the safety and security of the American people. They're not just not doing their jobs, they are traitors. Immoral and anti-American The Democratic party is enemy.

  8. Maxine Waters, typical Liberal, only cares about power, not her district which is THE LA SHITHOLE and she doesn't even live there, she lives in Hancock Park. Liberals are traitors to the US!

  9. Things to ponder…..Dems want the illegals for more votes…..duh. How is them coming in large groups to surrender and be let inside not an invasion? Why are “refugees” given the right to vote shortly after coming here? How is it that the US has become the welfare piggy bank for the worlds poor? Why do they want to come here for a better life only to try and change our way of life to that of the countries they abandoned?

  10. My concern is the conservatives, being the most intelligent of the two the parties, are letting the low IQ minorities control this country! It's like they've been bought off! The militia is going to have to step in and correct this mess! They're not going to correct themselves, this is like cops policing/ investigating themselves, that shit does not happen!

  11. How could Maxine do anything? She should. get à part on the show Fright Night. I am sick of people like Her. I want the border wall now and Maxine I really Don't care about what you want traitor.

  12. So how do you get a crooked DOJ and an out of control Congress to do it's job which is clearly in the constitution to do. It's like a bunch of children slow walking our future security and hoping for the downfall of America comes with George soros waiting to buy America for pennies on the dollar. What is the supreme court's opinion on this?

  13. maxine waters is an obstructor because she hates trump more than she loves american border security and its people.she is a rabid racist because obama is gone