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Stop the Tape! The Democrat Plan to Weaponize Impeachment

Stop the Tape! The Democrat Plan to Weaponize Impeachment

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Im verry sorry but you haven't understand yet , the law doesn't apply to the RAT'S , whatever the criminal action they commit …. answer temporary MARTIAL LAW … let's arrest and execute the traitor's … message to patriot's , restore the republic or kiss it goodby , sorry

  2. We finally got s president who is doing what he said he would do on the campaign trail. The Democrats can't stand this. How dare you do what you promised. The Democrats just hate president Trump because he is draining the swamp. And screw Obama. Send his ass to afganistan. Maybe he'll impress the people there. You know, he loves Muslims so much. He let thousands into our country while he was in office and ain't it funny how that never came up in all his bullshit speeches.

  3. Everyday the Democrats keep showing their hands. They hope that blind and clueless people will listen to them and not those that actually know what they are talking about and that want the best for this Country, as the Republicans do. That is fact!

  4. that dumbo bozo green from texas besides being butt ugly is dumb as a horse shit bucket. yeah he be sayin sheeeeit n sayin dis n sayin dat most times ana ways, jist a dumb ass #@$_&

  5. I remember being frightened as a child of a communist invaders. The reality at present is far more egregious! We musn't waste time or the bloody sacrifice that built this nation! A crime has been committed against this nation by people sworn to defend it! Justice must be as swift and terrible as the mockery against it!

  6. If a dog shits on the floor and the dog learns that there are no consequences for its action of shitting on the floor?
    It continues to shit on the floor .
    Now when you beat that dogs ass for shitting on the floor ?
    It learns that there are Consequences for the action of shitting in the floor, and depending on the dog, eventually after it get it’s ass beat enough times, it learns not to shit on the floor .
    Same with that Muslim dog.
    If she doesn’t speak English, or knows NOTHING about our culture ?
    is she in Congress?
    She needs her ass beat until she understands and learns there are consequences for shitting on our house floor, because if you don’t beat her ass?
    She will CONTINUE to shit on our floor because she learns there are NO CONSEQUENCES for her action of shitting on our floor.
    That’s as simple as it can be explained to you simple country ass fks in congress to understand.

  7. They don't like Trump because he is a praying president. I know this because my pastor is one of 42 pastors on Trump's prayer team. Trump holds Bible studies on Friday in the White House. Dems are trying to start the new world order by bringing in illegals, create poverty and get the rfid chip implant started. Notice how GOD keeps blocking these imbasole's who try and take down my President….TRUMP

  8. I would say the Demorats have a very good chance of impeaching President Trump. The are professional liars and they have the support of the main stream media, academia, Hollywood, commie college students and almost half of the citizens who have had their brains laundered. We're in trouble deep. The Globalist are well prepared for victory and the meek as church mice conservatives have no stomach for a fight.

  9. Green has a green brain. Impeachment of Trump is a political coup d etat, there is not a single indictment against Trump legally. These law makers are the law breakers they are the one should be impeach.

  10. best economy in decades, lowest unemployment in history, manufacturing has come back, growth has exceeded all expectations,factories returning from MX, steel industry back, better trade deals, 4 million new jobs created in 2 years, millions have gotten off food stamps, tax cuts for everyone, obamacare mandate gone, the wall is being built,soldiers remains returned from NK….thank GOD Hillary wasnt elected. Now if we can just start deporting all illegals

  11. If I find out you're a Demonrat, I will not give you the time of day, or pull you out of a burning car! Defending criminals, pedophiles, open borders, sanctuary cities, etc, etc? You're lucky "We" allow you to Breathe!

  12. The Democrat Party has become totally unamerican. They are unhinged and evil in many ways. It is not what it once was, or maybe it is and we couldn't see them for what they were 60 years ago.

  13. Actually the Hamas Muslims in Congress Green, Tlaib, Omar need to remember that they are taking their Oaths on the Quran. The Constitution states that no Foreign Law should be posed beside any where near the Constitution. This is a U.S. Federal Law. Sharia is a Foreign Law, that is a Federal Offense and Muslim Judges should be barred from Law Enforcement for breaking our Constitutional laws and these Congressional Muslims seats should be rescinded.